December 5th, 2008

Christmas Ghost

Fun stuff and questions regarding possible quiz

So, remember last year? When I made that Mozilla quiz, Which QaF Cannibal Character are you? as a Christmas prezzie to my flist and you all had a lot of fun with that?

I was thinking of doing that again this year.

Two problems though. First off, I can't seem to remember my username or password and it doesn't seem to be being sent to me in my email as promised. I might have to create another account.

Also, I was thinking of either a Which Justin's Baby Character are you? or Which Maria-fic!Brian are you?.

What do you think?

For the latter, there would be cannibal!Brian (duh), devil!Brian, Bad ass!Brian (from the Hitcher), our!Brian and not-our!Brian from Through a Mirror and then body swap!Brian.

And lastly, wheee!!! Look at these two thingies here:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, slave_o_spike sent to me...
Twelve mclachlans drumming
Eleven shadownycs piping
Ten wet_spots a-leaping
Nine hydrangeaceaes dancing
Eight kitsune_mes a-milking
Seven horror anthologies a-swimming
Six motorcycles a-laying
Five art-ho-o-o-ouse films
Four splatter movies
Three cult movies
Two james marsters
...and a banabloom in a snarry.
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And this one is my favorite :)

In 2008, slave_o_spike resolves to...
Backup my orlibean regularly.
Learn to play the viggorli.
Be nicer to mdlaw.
Admit my true feelings to hsbfc.
Keep my slash clean.
Put fifty splatter movies a month into my savings account.
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