February 27th, 2009

Psycho fandom issues

House MD


Okay, so yeah, I've been a bit AWOL.

First there was the floods and all that and keeping the shop together and hiring new people...

I think I might have responded to a few people's journal entries in the past month.

Then, then, Joe did something truly evool.

He rented House MD.

So now you know my new obsession.

I think I'm in love.

First there was Dexter but now there's House.

Fucking House.

I love this man.

I think I could very easily channel him to write fanfic. If I had the time to write but oh God.

I truly love this real misanthrope. Accept no substitutions. He is the real fucking deal.

And on a side note - I know he probably isn't many people's favorite character - but I gotta say I have a real love for Chase.

Yes, he's beautiful (and isn't it just so wonderful I have yet another fondness for yet another blond, blue eyed boy) but it's more.

Or his beauty is just blinding me.

Nope, gotta love Chase too. :)

And now that I have gone through 3 seasons, the bug is starting to hit and I am seriously kicking myself for watching this show.

But House/Chase...

Oh God - help me...
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