May 20th, 2009

Orli - slave_o_spike

"Viggo's Package" Chapter 1 Orlando/just about everyone

Okay, I know my track record sucks but here's a multi chaptered story but it's 10 chapters long and it's been written (I did it at the same time as the book) and I'm just cleaning each chapter up as I post.

It's a sci fi satire (and its actually not cracki) that is like The Odyssey ONLY IN THAT IT depicts a man's, along with his companion, trek to get from Point A to Point B and the many people he meets. But this is all me, okay?

And the pairings? Oh God! You have Orlando Bloom/Jesse Spencer is the first and foremost. But there is Orlando/Sean Bean, Orlando/Eric Bana/Karl Urban. There is Brian/Justin/Orlando/Jesse. Yeah. I can warn you Qaf people when that one happens. And there's more. :)

Title: Viggo's Package
Pairing: this chapter, Orlando Bloom/Jesse Spencer; eventually Sean/Orlando
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Despite the title, it actually has to do with a package Orlando has to pick up and deliver to Viggo in a earth of the far future that has been ravaged by continental convergence. Along his way, he must confront horny cyborg units and different crazy factions. There will be lots and lots of sex. Lots.

Warnings: Sex, lots and lots of it. Warnings will be posted as they apply to each chapter.

Note: Jesse (and you know me, I like to include pictures of my cast) is a cyborg, but they are recognized as sentient beings that do think and are capable of emotion and free will. Not like that's all that great.

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