June 3rd, 2009

Justin's Baby

"Justin's Baby" - Chapter 7b - the Big Non-Date!!!

Okay, here it is. The chapter you've been waiting for!

It's the Big non-date!!!

Title: Justin's Baby
Chapter 7b
Pairing: Justin/Brian
Genre: Bad!fic, crack!fic - I dunno - take your pic - I don't really give a shit.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: God, where do I even begin? Sacrilege, demon worship, mPreg, bad language, drugged sex, bad!fic, crack!fic and mentions of the high cost of housing.
Summary: Based very loosely on Rosemary's Baby. Justin gets more than he bargained for when he moves into the apartment of his dreams.

Disclaimers: I do not own Cowlip. Ames Perdues does not exist. I apologize to all Japanese tourists and roast piglets.

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Thanks go to fiercediva for the icon and poster. Thank you babe! *smooches*

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Thank you to critic75 and Megan for helping me with the accents. :)

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