June 8th, 2009

BJ - 314 is love

Day 1 Brian/Justin standalone "A night at the park"

So here is the first of the Brian/Justin "Where should we fuck next?" series.

The prompt is sliding board supplied by sjmpets.

If you would like to supply me with a word or two, go to this post here. There's still plenty of time. :)

Title: A night at the park
Day in the Brian/Justin 'Where should we fuck next?' series. This takes place right after the backroom has been closed by Stockwell in Season 3.
Prompt: 'sliding board'
Warnings: none
Summary: Justin and Brian have to come up with a new place to have sex publicly every day during Stockwell's reign of terror.

Disclaimer: I down own the boys or Cowlip. According to MS, I don't own some of my software either.

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