September 16th, 2009

Elephant on trampoline

Pictures of kids and Facebook

I've been having fun on Facebook lately.

I've actually hooked up with some people from high school.

Which is weird.

I left that place back in 1981. I left a lot of places behind. And now it seems to be coming back to me.

Like old high school friends and a person who I worked with at my first real job when I graduated from college (he was also my best friend in the last few years of university).

I think this is a good thing...

I don't know. I'm just such a different person now. Anywho, I posted some pics there but I thought I'd post them here too. :)

A few pics of our summer (most of them are of Rattlesnake Lake which is right near our house). We spent about 3 days out of the week at the lake (especially when it was uber hot).

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So there you go.

And once again, if you would like to join me on Facebook, which really is a different animal than here because you can only put one or two sentences there, then give me an PM or let me know here and we can play together there.
Jaws - We need a bigger boat

My keyboard.

Okay, I know I'm posting like mad right now, but...

Oh. My. God!!!!

I absolutely fucking love this new keyboard Joe got me!

It's amazing. I used to type this fast but then I slowed down because of the laptop and then he switched me to the imac and that keyboard slowed me down even further. But this...

It's so FREEING!

I feel like I've taken 30 caffeine pills or drank 10 coffees! I talk super fast after I do that (well, more like 3 coffees).

This is the same thing. I think I could actually write again now that the keyboard issue has been resolved.

Oh my God...