September 17th, 2009

Severen - Near Dark

Curriculum Night!!!!

I just posted on Facebook about Curriculum Night but I'm limited to 420 characters.

You know me. I'm so freaking verbose.

So yeah, if anyone is looking for a Victoria Secrets model, she's teaching Donovan's kindergarten. She's seriously cute, a real sweetie, does her job well while taking an interest in each kid's learning and loves Donovan.

Direct quote: "He's so precious and well-mannered and polite. I just love him."

So there you go. :) And he of course loves her. I started off the visit by letting her know she was now his new favorite person.

You guessed it. Out came the face tilt and the happy face with the adoring eyes. Still I like her and this is the kind of teacher you want for your kid's first year.

Rowan's 3rd grade teacher reminds me of...oh you'll love this...Mia Farrow. But not Rosemary Baby's Mia, but Woody Allen days' Mia. Still, if she ever gets pregnant and cuts her hair, I'll...well, I'm not exactly sure what I'll do. Squeeing seems childish and inappropriate. But it would be very cool. I like her too. She seems to have a handle on the kids while being pleasant at the same time.

I saw one of her teachers that has been helping Rowan in reading since first grade. We're pretty close now. She was letting me know how well Rowan was doing and that one day, she told Rowan she was so cute and sweet, she wanted to take her home with her.

LOL! Rowan said, 'but I have a home. And mom would come looking for me.'

We both had a good laugh about that.

Because the thought of me, looking for Rowan, bearing down on anyone who would take her, is not really funny, but kind of scary.

You know, like horror movie scary...

I can almost hear the movie trailer guy's voice for the movie. LOL!

Oh! And I mentioned this to sevigny I think. I met the mother of one of Rowan's classmates and she's a female Viggo! I walked into Rowan's classroom and there she was! Sitting in the chair right next to the one I would have to sit in. Our kids share the same table.

She looks at me (and she was wearing this lovely burnt orange sweater, the clone of one I had almost bought and this wonderful scarf - which I had almost worn myself) and says, 'oh hi!'

We chatted politely but it was so hard to look at her for too long, especially in the eyes.

Can a woman be so strikingly handsome that it's hard for you to look at them for too long?

Anywho, a good night all around.

Next up - Griffon!!!