January 12th, 2015


There's Something About Rick, Chapter 1, Rick/Daryl

So, I thought maybe I should start posting my little fic here.

Title: There's Somethang About Rick
Chapter: 1
Pairing: Rick/Daryl, Michonne/Andrea, Glenn/Maggie
Rating: Mature?
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV)
Tags: AU - No zombies (damn AO3 for getting used to these thangs), slow build, sexual humor, sexual tension and everyone is horny in the damn building.

Summary: After finalizing the divorce papers with Lori (and seriously, is this a trope unto its own), Rick moves into an apartment building in Atlanta to start his new life. He has to seriously wonder about his sanity though when he has to deal with his rather effeminately furnished living space, strange neighbors like the sweet couple who live down the hall with their college coed sister who can't seem to keep from jumping Rick whenever she sees him, the two lesbian lawyers on the top floor that want to make him the meat in their sandwich, the guy named Morgan who thinks he's Batman and the fascinating guy across the hall with the quick smile and riveting eyes named Daryl who has a brother that likes to answer the door naked.

Then again, maybe sanity is over-rated and this place is just what Rick needs.

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So you know, as always, I love feedback.