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Okay, I need help!

(ha ha ha - yeah - I know...I know. So what's new?)

So I have decided to do the Gale/Randy RPS slash story. (Can we shorten that name down to Gandy, ya think? Hmm...sounds like Deb's pronunciation of Ghandi.) This would be the one I was talking about earlier - from Phil's POV during the 5th season.

I need to know certain things. Other people tend to be more in the know about what happened behind the scenes on Qaf 5th Season and about Simon than I do so I'll just ask at the source.

Firstly, would it suffice it to say that it would be keeping Simon in character if he were portrayed as an intellectual snob? Is there something else to his persona I should know?

Secondly, and here's the fun part - if anyone knows any anecdote regarding the making of the fifth season, or if there is a particular blooper that is on the DVD that you want me to write a chapter around, let me know.

Also, if there is anything else reagrding Dan and Ron, or Shawn Postoff I should know about, let me know.

It doesn't matter how stupid or strange or off the wall it sounds, let me know.

I already have the first chapter worked out.

Let's just have fun with this! Okay?

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