Maria (slave_o_spike) wrote,

It must be in the genes....

So one of my daughters, Megan, the 15 year old, has opened an lj account, fluffys_girl, so she can post her Inuyasha fic, which is here.

Inuyasha is anime (Yech!) but her and her little friend seem to love this show which is an almost direct rip off of the Buffy series.

I must admit that even though it's based on anime (Yeah!), she is submitting a rather well-written story for someone in her age group. She doesn't know anything about sex (*breathes deeply in relief*) so she didn't even attempt to write sex or anything lame like that. And, another rarity in someone of her age group, no Mary-Sue's!

It's just a simple story that's completely written, I must add, just not typed and proofread.

She's also posted at because that seems to be anime (Yech!) heaven. She'll probably get more feedback there.

I'd never post there.

I hope her first outing is a good one and I wish her luck.

You go Megan!

Love mom.
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