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QaF Ficlet "The Toy"

Okay, remember this picture here, that I posted yesterday, the McDonalds happy meal toy?

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So I was going to write a drabble for the Sex Toy challenge at qaf_drabbles, but I went over 100 words (not by too much though), plus there's no Justin in this one so I'm just posting this here.

This is just for fun.

Title: The Toy
Characters: Brian, Mel, JR
Rating: G

Mel looked at the offensive toy in her hand that she had picked up off the coffee table. She then stormed over to Brian's desk area and slammed the toy on the desk.

"Can you please," Mel said while gritting her teeth, "refrain from keeping your disgusting, male-influenced and childish paraphernalia, like this thing around your loft so that my young daughter will not see it!" She then held up the offensive toy.

Brian looked at it and then bit his lip to keep from laughing. "Um, Mel," he said while clearing his throat, "what exactly do you think it is?"

"One of those stupid wind up dicks, the kind you get from one of those ridiculous sex shops you frequent. It's not bad enough the thing is smiling, but it has to be dressed as Carmen Miranda with it's own set of maracas none-the-less!"

"Actually, it dances too," Brian said, his voice breaking slightly. Brian wound it up and the thing started swishing its hips back and forth.

Mel winced. JR then walked up to her mom, took the toy from the desk and said, "thanks mom. I was wondering where Waffle went to." JR then walked away.

Mel looked back and forth. Brian leaned over, smirked and whispered into Mel's ear. "It's a McDonald happy meal toy. It's not a dick, it's a cat."

Mel turned a few shades of red.

"So," Brian continued with his arms folded across his chest, "would you like your crow deep-fried or oven-roasted."


I so need a Waffle icon!
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