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QaF Standalone "Why Dance Without Music?"

Okay, so first things first - has anyone else been having the same problem I'm having? When I go to check out my Friends page, the first page loads just fine, then when I go to the next page (by clicking on 'earlier') it takes me all the way back to 2/22/2007.

Of course, if you're having the same problem I'm having, then this is a moot point as chances are you probably won't um...see this post.

Anywho, I wrote a little something after having watched Season 2 again.

Once again, I find myself having to say: THIS IS NOT CRACK!

Title: Why Dance Without Music?"
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Genre: Angst
Summary: 202 gapfiller - Brian's thoughts after Mikey kept trying to get Brian to dance and then said the unthinkable - "You always danced with Justin."
Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don't own Cowlip or the boys, but you already knew that.

Author's Note: Thanks must go to my beta, shadownyc - thanks darlin'!

“You always danced with Justin!"

Brian looked up at Mikey while visions and memories started to bombard his mind.

Justin, coming to Babylon for the first time, shirtless, defiant, glitter dotting his perfect torso as he moved in on the dance floor, claiming what he thought was his right. Brian remembered the first time he danced with him, how he had moved in between the interlopers, grabbed Justin around his slender waist, licked up and over his glorious throat and finally, finally claiming his lips. In essence, claiming Justin for himself. And why shouldn't he? The kid was his and he had acknowledged that fact, regardless of whether it was the right thing to do or not.

Another time came to mind. Justin losing his shirt as a celebratory Brian danced close to him. Justin telling him 'it was a mystery' as to why Kip dropped the suit. Brian, laughing for his good fortune, held his lover closer, surrounding himself in the smell that was all...Justin. Whenever he danced with others, he knew something was missing. It was the scent that only belonged to the kid. No, Brian had thought at the time, not a kid now, soon he would be a man. He remembered how he couldn't wait to get him home and help him further bridge the gap between boyhood and manhood.

Another time, another night. Justin having to make the decision of whose life it was that he would live - his parents or his. Watching as the emotions played across Justin's face, as he lured him onto the dance floor, admitting that indeed it was too late, not knowing though for whom he was referring.

And that last dance. Brian's walls having crumbled down, somewhat briefly, glided across a floor amongst Justin's peers. Brian realizing for the first time what it was that he could finally admit - that he was just as much Justin's as Justin was his. The night's events of course, culminated in reconstructing the walls Brian had finally torn down.

Brian watched as the bodies gyrated and maneuvered on the dance floor to the relentless beat. They were all disconnected; jumping and bouncing in a haphazard pattern. He could always spot Justin in the middle of a crowd - he always seemed to...glow. These bodies seemed to be lackluster in color, awash in a sea of nondescript hues. They were simply puppets without strings, writhing every which way. Warm bodies that held no warmth.

You always danced with Justin.

Brian, always quick with a witty or snarky comeback, found that there was none today. Words seemed too pathetic and besides, Brian had none to give. So with that, Brian looked back at Michael, scoffed and walked away.

Dancing just didn't seem to hold the same appeal.

The End

As usual, I love feedback (unless of course, you didn't see this post because I got lost in the LJ black hole).
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