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Happy Birthday to evilmaniclaugh


And because of that, I have put you in a ficlet based on my Davey/Jimmy RPS My Life as Gofer.

I've also included Helen (hellsbells) even thought she hasn't been around lj lately but you two were my first friends on lj so here you are.

Hope you like!

Title: My Life as a Gofer - Liz and Helen take a trip to Los Angeles
Pairing: Jimmy/Davey
Warning: RPS
Timeline: during the filming of S5 of the tv series Angel

It was a bright and sunny day in Los Angeles when Liz and Helen arrived at the studios to take the tour of their favorite television series, Angel.

When the Brits had planned their tour of Southern California, they had made sure to make enough time for this particular stop, after Disneyland of course.

So as luck would have it, Liz and Helen had become separated from their tour group and ended up in the section labeled RESTRICTED SECTION.

They weren't sure how they could have ended up there, but they had and were looking for someone to ask for directions on how to get back to their group. As they both turned around, they came face to face with Joss Whedon.

"Oh my! Mr. Whedon," Liz said.

"It's such a pleasure to meet you," Helen gushed.

"My name is Phil," Phil said. Phil hated it when that happened. "You want to see my Uncle Joss?"

"Um...yes, I guess we do," Liz said shrugging.

"Follow me," Phil said.

Liz turned to her friend Helen, "he doesn't seem to be upset that we're in a restricted section."

"Well, he doesn't exactly look like the sharpest knife in the drawer either Liz," Helen replied back and both women shrugged.

"Here," Phil said as he led them to an office with a big gold plaque on it that said JOSS WHEDON - GOD on it. "You stay here and I'll be back with Uncle Joss."

Liz and Helen stayed in the office until they heard sound coming from the other side of the door. There was a collective gasp between them as they saw David Boreanaz push James Marsters against the door jamb and then kissed him fiercely.

"God, I've been waiting for this all morning, Jimmy" David said as he continued the assault on 'Jimmy's' lips.

"Ohhh, Davey I can't wait anymore," Jimmy said to 'Davey' who continued to maul the smaller man.

Liz pushed Helen towards the closet, where they both hid behind the door, leaving, of course, enough room to see what was happening.

They watched as Davey swiped everything off Joss Whedon's desk.

"How very Alpha male of you Davey," Jimmy said with a smirk.

"Yeah, well if Joss didn't have you prancing around naked for this entire shoot, I wouldn't be acting like this," Davey said as he manhandled Jimmy onto the top of the desk, getting in between the man's legs, stripping off Jimmy's shirt and then pulling his jeans down around his ankles

"This is the stupidest...I mean," Jimmy continued on indignantly, "how is it that a ghost can lose their clothes 'magically' and then have them reappear 'magically?' It's just stupid," Jimmy said as Davey ran his hands all over Jimmy's chest.

"It makes the fangirls happy to see you naked. They don't see it enough anymore," Davey said as he kissed Jimmy roughly again.

"Yeah, well I don't have the body of a thirty-five year old anymore," Jimmy said as Davey entered Jimmy's opening and Jimmy grabbed on to Davey's back. "Well, now I do," Jimmy gasped out.

"Less talking," Davey breathed out as he rocked back and forth inside Jimmy, "more fucking."

Liz and Helen watched on as Davey mercilessly fucked Jimmy. Jimmy's face contorted into orgasmic bliss as he game, followed soon by Davey and his scream of release. After they were done, and Davey was cuddling with Jimmy, Jimmy said, "we should be going before Joss comes back."

They both removed themselves from the top of the desk, dressed and left the office.

"Oh my God!!" Helen said. "It was all my fantasies rolled into one."

"Too bad Adam Baldwin wasn't here, then it would have been all my fantasies rolled into one big great massive ball of male..."

"Liz, we need to re-group here," Helen said as both women managed to get each other back into control, but whenever they thought they had themselves under control, they would remember seeing a naked Davey claiming a very naked Jimmy. Their thoughts were interrupted by Phil, who was making his way back into the room.

"Sorry, I can't find Uncle Joss anywhere."

"Oh that's okay. This was fine. We're ready to go. Really. I mean, this has been a bloody brilliant day," Liz gushed.

"Yes, beyond fantastic," Helen said with glazed eyes. "We love you so much right now," Helen said as she hugged the stunned man.

"Yes, thank you for a lovely afternoon," Liz said as she too hugged Phil.

"Okay, bye now," Phil said as he watched the women leave the office.

Phil realized it didn't take much sometimes to impress people.

-The End-

Happy Birthday again Liz!

I still wish Helen were here...*sob*
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