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My day!!!

First off, I will get to everyone's comments for my last chapter. THANK YOU to everyone leaving feedback - I abso-fucking-lutely love it!!!!

Also, I'm currently typing chapter 15 but it's being a bit of a bitch because not only do I have to write our Brian IC going insane, but their Brian IC with a whole new set of morals, emotions and what have you and now our Justin.

I think at one point my head exploded all over the laptop screen.

So if all goes well, and someone manages to scrape my brain off the computer and stuff it all back in, I should have chap 15 tomorrow for your reading pleasure. :)

I'm also typing my What IF story for the challenge. It's crack - simply put. But if my normal crack (as in my fic - get your mind out of the gutter) is like say Mysterious Marilyn, then this story is like Jo.

Yeah - it's crack to the power of a hundred.

I spent my entire day doing stuff for everyone else and I finally have ME time now. It seems I'm always taking someone to the dentist, the eye doctor, the doctor, shopping, you know the score. I think I crammed all of that in today.

*points to icon*

That's why I have the Night of the Living Dead icon - that's about the way I feel.

On a lighter note - I want to give a big THANK YOU to critic75 for my Easter presents.

She said that Cannibal!Ted gave them to her and that he got them from the Easter bunny.

I actually believe that Cannibal!Ted knows the Easter Bunny and that he calls him Harvey.

They probably collect jars of air together.

So that was me, just popping in to say HI to everyone.

And...this is me...well, saying...BYE!
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