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QaF Ficlet "A Queer as Folk Toy Story" Brian/Justin

Hello everyone!

I trust everyone's Sunday is going good. The kids are better, Joe's still sick, but oh well, the house is back to normal, and AND, it's a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.

At least, this hour.

I'm getting back to my feedback today for the last chapter - I'm not ignoring anyone.

People have seemed to be guessing what I wrote in the What If challenge. I don't know - I guess Ted as an evil scientist is a dead give-away.

Anywho, Rowan was playing with her dollhouse this morning and I saw some toys I had totally forgotten about. Remember them?

This is Waffle, the cat that looks like a dick:

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And this is Mr. Blik, who I wrote a little Dr Seuss ditty for:

Yep - you got it! She's got them along with her dolls, living in the house that Fisher Price built.

So I got an idea looking at them. I was thinking along the lines of Toy Story and the what if line - so I came up with this for your reading pleasure.

Title: A Queer as Folk Toy Story or What Waffle and Mr. Blik Saw
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Some indecent exposure to some helpless toys
Summary: What if toys really did come to life when no one was around ALA Toy Story? This is their story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Cowlip or the boys. I believe Mr. Blik and Waffle are property of Nickelodeon but I do own the toys. And they're both sitting in my daughter's dollhouse right now!!!

Gus continued to pound the black figure with the lighter one over and over again. "Take that evil Mr. Blik," Gus said in a deep voice. He then dropped the figure to the ground, while pretend-coughing and spluttering.

"Gus! Michael and Ben are here with JR to take you to the park," Justin yelled from the other room.

"Yee-haw!" Gus exclaimed as he ran into the other room.

The tiny black figure groaned and then got up. "Oh why does he persist in tormenting me so...and with you of all people!"

The taller and thinner of the two put his hands down at his sides. "Because I'm the nicer of the two of us, Blik."

"Well, it was rather nice to get out of the house for once. I like it better here, I must say, Waffle," Blik droned in his snobbish voice.

"It's Gus' father and his...well...I don't know exactly what the one they call 'Justin' is," Waffle said.

"Could you please speak up! You know I can't hear on that side!" Blik demanded.

"Sorry," Waffle said apologetically while taking in the state of Blik's ears. "You know that JR didn't mean to do that...snap off the one ear I mean."

Blik scoffed while he crossed his arms over his chest. "And don't make with the Reservoir Dogs jokes. I got enough of that from Gus' GI Joe. It's a good thing that cretin isn't really part of Homeland Security."

"Yeah, well at least you don't have to run around in drag," Waffle intoned while wriggling his hips and shaking his maracas.

"Yes," Blik smirked, "or live my existence as a phallic symbol."

"Okay," Waffle said, getting into fighting stance mode, "you don't want me to make any ear jokes but out you come with the dick jokes. I'm just tall and skinny..."

"With a mushroom head," Blik finished and laughed.

"Why you..."

"Sssh, I hear someone coming," Blik said as he put his hand over Waffle's mouth. They then went into their normal position while in front of the humans.

"Brian," Justin laughed.

"I thought Mikey and Ben would never get here," Brian said as he continued to manhandle Justin onto the bed.

Blik managed to spare a look at Waffle and raise one eyebrow.

Justin lost out to Brian as his body was completely covered by the taller man's. Brian kissed along Justin's neck and up into his hair. "Mmmm, smells gooooddddd...."

"Oh God," Justin moaned as he arched off his back. "Mmm....more."

Brian kneeled up on the bed and stripped his shirt off, following that with pulling Justin's shirt up, exposing his younger lover's belly. He then proceeded to kiss all along the pale chest, down into his blond happy trail.

"Oh...yeah...Brian," Justin moaned. Brian pulled Justin's zipper down, then shucked the jeans off in one swift move.

"Now, now, now, what ever do we have here?" Brian said, mockingly.

"Do you think he really doesn't know?" Waffle asked Blik.

"Sssh," Blik said.

Brian smiled up at Justin, Justin looking on in anticipation, as he shucked the underwear down over his hips and then completely off. "Brian," Justin pleaded. Brian then descended on his target and swallowed Justin's cock to the hilt, Justin arching off the bed yet again and moaning loudly.

"Wow!" Blik said. "This is new."

"Sssh," Waffle said, not looking at his counterpart, staring intently at the action going on in the bed.

"It doesn't matter," Blik said, "they can't hear us through all that moaning."

"How does it all fit in there?!" Waffle exclaimed.

Waffle and Blik continued to watch as Brian brought Justin to a 'blubbering mass of goo point,' well at least, that was what Waffle decided to call it.

"Turn around Justin," Brian whispered as he helped Justin to turn over onto his belly. The younger man then proceeded to prop himself up on his elbows, his knees tucking into his body, his ass in the air.

Brian watched it all after having shucked his own jeans and underwear, lazily stroking himself. "That's it," he said softly. He then sheathed his cock with a condom and took out a tube of lubricant, spreading it generously over his cock and Justin's...

"Where is he gonna put that thing?!?!" Waffle screeched.

Blik looked on in shock, "um...I do believe...that is to say...well, where do you think?" Blik asked in surprise.

Waffle and Blik continued to watch as Brain prepared Justin. Brian then entered the prone man, Waffle and Blik wincing.

"You would think that would hurt," Waffle said.

"It appears that the blond one is finding it quite pleasurable," Blik said.

Blik and Waffle continued to watch as the two men seemed to be enjoying each other, until one of them screamed, followed by the other one. Brian then collapsed on Justin, breathing quite heavily.

"That was," Brian managed to get out.

"Ah-ma-zing," Justin said and then laughed.

"Twat!" Brian said and threw a pillow at him.

Justin grabbed the pillow from Brian and then looked across the room.

"Gus left his toys in the room again," Justin said as he walked over to the toys and picked them up. "You know, Brian, I know this sounds weird, but I could have sworn they had different expressions on their faces before. They both look like they're in...shock...or something."

"Yeah, whatever," Brian said. "All I know is the one with the skirt looks like a penis. What idiot would give a kid a toy that looked like a penis?!"

Justin laughed and put the two toys down.

When no one was looking, Blik turned to Waffle and smiled, "told ya so."

The End

I do eventually get back to my feedback. :)
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