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Chap 2 RPS JM/DB My Life as a Gopher

Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who read and commented on the first chapter. I really do appreciate it.

So I have chapter 2 here and now I need to know one more thing. When a person updates a story in their journal, they sometimes say something like "Previous chapters are in my memories here." I need to know how to link my memories to the word "here."

If anyone could steer me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

So without further adieu...

Title: My Life as a Gopher
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: DB/JM
Warnings: RPS! RPS! RPS! Don't read this if it offends you. None really. Some language and dirty talk
Disclaimers: I don't own Mister Boreanaz, Uncle Joss, Jimmy or J. These are not real situations, just fiction in my head. I do however, own Phil.
Feedback: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Chap 2

It's me, Phil, again.

You know, one of my favorite people on the set is J. I remember when I told momma that I made a new friend on the set and that his name was J, do you know the very first damn (sorry, pardon my language) thing she asked was, was if that was his real name. Damn (sorry) if she didn't laugh for some time about that! She then told me she was sorry and that she shouldn't make fun of no one's name like that but damn (she said it that time - momma's allowed to slip now and then) who would go and name their kid a letter of the alphabet?!

Momma sure is a hoot.

Anyways, I like J. He's always calling me his "dog." The first time he called me his dog, I told him I wasn't a dog, I was a gopher. He laughs and laughs and then shakes his head and says "Dude, you are something else!"

So I wonder, if I'm not a dog and I'm not a gopher then what the hell am I? (Pardon my language).

He's always giving me "high fives." I accidentally hurt him one time when I slapped him back. Uncle Joss got real mad at me and he sent me out for chicken. He always sends me out for chicken when he's mad at me, but that's a story for later.

I once asked him if he wanted to come home with me sometime and meet my momma and he said he'd have to take a raincheck. So I'm still waiting but you know how it is in Southern California. It never rains here.

I remember when Jimmy first came on the set to work this year. J was always talking to him. He asked him if he wanted to go play pool after shooting or go for drinks or go hang out with some of his dogs (I guess I'm not the only one).

Jimmy always smiles and declines (I just learned that word 3 days ago when I was applying for an American Express card). After this went on for awhile, J kinda got annoyed and goes and askes Mister Boreanaz if Jimmy can go out and play with him. Then he says to Mister Boreananz "seeing as how you're the one holding his leash."

I guess that Jimmy is Mister Boreanaz' dog.

Mister Boreanaz got real mad. I don't mean like when he throws one of his hissy fits and yells and tells me to go get something that he don't need. I mean mad like his forehead was even more scrunched up than usual (and that's saying alot). Momma once said that if Mister Boreanaz keeps doing that with his forehead, it'll stay like that. I think its too late.

Anyways, he gets real mad at that point and then Uncle Joss came over and told them to knock it off and they did. That didn't stop them from muttering something behind their backs.

I kinda made out what they both said and it was kinda rude. Momma always says, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

Then I caught a hand gesture that J made and that was rude too but then again, at least he didn't say anything.

It's now closing time and I'm off doing what I normally do at this time of night - cleaning up after everyone else. I'm always by the mens' shower room so I can see everyone before they leave for the night. Jimmy comes out of the shower room and I always think to myself at that moment how happy he looks after he's just showered. His hair's all messy and he's not wearing that make-up no more. The best part is when he smiles at me and waves and says "Hey Phil." He then waits and smokes one of his cigarettes.

I tried smoking one time so I could look as cool as Jimmy. I coughed and coughed and momma slapped me round the head and said she didn't raise no damn fool. You sure can bet I didn't do that no more.

I love watching him smoke so this is about the time that I hide behind one of the partitions so he can't see me. J walks out and gives Jimmy a nod and tells him he'll see him tomorrow. Then Mister Boreanaz comes out of nowhere and smiles at Jimmy.

Jimmy smiles back and then Mister Boreanaz pushes Jimmy up against the wall.

That must have hurt! But I guess it didn't cause Jimmy's still smiling and then they're rubbing against each other and looking at each other and then Mister Boreanaz grabs something and Jimmy starts panting alot.

I wonder if I should go and see if something's wrong.

Then I remember what Uncle Joss said once and I leave it alone. Well, actually, I'm really supposed to "walk away" but I don't feel like walkin' right now.

Then Mister Boreanaz says in this low voice that's kinda not like him "I see the way J looks at you. Does that get you all hot? What if I were to do you from behind while you sucked him off - you'd be the meat in a sandwich Jimmy. Would you like that Jimmy? Would you?"

Jimmy then screams something and then they're panting (both of them this time) and they're laughing and running off together.

Hmm. You know, a sandwich does seem real good at the moment. I'll stop off at the deli and pick one up on the way home.

And one for momma too, of course.


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