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Gale/Randy RPS one shot

I couldn't sleep. Just woke up and started typing this. Just to bring myself back into the fandom I guess.

I think you could classify it as a Mary Sue too.

*scratches head*

Also, I just wanted to say another THANK YOU to everyone who sent me hugs the other day. A few people expressed that they didn't have the words of what they could say to make it better.

I say you don't need words. Just being there for me was and is enough.

*Hugs f-list again*

Also, if you do not want to lose an hour and a half of your life that you can never get back again? Do not, and I repeat DO NOT go see the Fantastic Four movie.

Yes, it is that bad!!!!

So here you go, just a little RPS something from me...

Title: Waking Gale
Pairing: Randy/Gale
Warning: RPS but really, there is no sex. Just people calling people in the middle of the night and some language.
Summary: Randy calls Gale in the middle of the night to talk about life, the universe and eating one's ass...

Thar be PG RPS waiting for ye hereCollapse )
Tags: g/r standalone
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