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Gale/Randy RPS one shot

I couldn't sleep. Just woke up and started typing this. Just to bring myself back into the fandom I guess.

I think you could classify it as a Mary Sue too.

*scratches head*

Also, I just wanted to say another THANK YOU to everyone who sent me hugs the other day. A few people expressed that they didn't have the words of what they could say to make it better.

I say you don't need words. Just being there for me was and is enough.

*Hugs f-list again*

Also, if you do not want to lose an hour and a half of your life that you can never get back again? Do not, and I repeat DO NOT go see the Fantastic Four movie.

Yes, it is that bad!!!!

So here you go, just a little RPS something from me...

Title: Waking Gale
Pairing: Randy/Gale
Warning: RPS but really, there is no sex. Just people calling people in the middle of the night and some language.
Summary: Randy calls Gale in the middle of the night to talk about life, the universe and eating one's ass...


"Randy? What the fuck? It's like," Gale says as he grabs the alarm clock next to the bed and growls into the phone receiver, "it's 2 fucking 30 in the morning!"

"I was reading livejournal again," Randy said in a small voice.

"Aw hell Randy," Gale whined while sitting up in bed and running his hand over his face to wake himself up. Anyone else he would be yelling at and telling them to go fuck themselves after threatening their lives as well as their current or future progeny. But this was Randy. "I told you to stay away from that shit." Gale was confronted by silence and then sighed. "Okay, what did you find this time. More of that 'RPT' shit?"

"RPS," Randy corrected, "and no. This was the fanfiction stuff."

"Oh great," Gale snickered and smiled. Randy hated reading that crap and was always so offended by what the writers would do with his character, Justin. Oddly enough, Randy never minded the RPS. "So was I a pirate? A CIA agent. What? Were you," Gale stopped to snort, "pregnant again." Gale's voice became gruff, "or was I?"

"No, nothing like that," Randy said softly and then went on. "This lady, I swear Gale, she's wack. You were a cannibal." Randy tried hard not to start laughing and then gave up when he heard Gale's reaction on the other end. "Stop laughing Gale, this isn't funny."

"A cannibal?" Gale spit out through his chuckling. "So did I fuck you, said 'I don't believe in love, I believe in eating' and eat you or something?"

"No, actually...oh God...I can't go on," Randy started to sputter and laugh. "Oh God, the best part...oh god oh god," Randy said as he tried to get the words out while trying not to laugh, "she made Dan and Ron into sausage." Randy could hear the sounds of Gale's giggles on the other line. The sound of Gale giggling made Randy laugh even harder.

"What, no Shawn? How come he didn't get in on the action?" Gale asked reigning himself in again.

"Oh fuck I forgot about that part," Randy exclaimed into the phone. "You pulled Shawn's teeth out and made a choker out of them, as a gift to me," Randy got out before he started doubling over. "Shit! I hope I didn't wake Simon up! He hates when I read this shit," Randy said more quietly.

"Well, he should," Gale said as he got himself under control again.


"Yeah?" and Gale could have bet good money on what was coming next.

"If you were a cannibal, would me?"

Oh yeah, too bad he wasn't a betting man. "Yep, only I'd get about as far as your ass and would be so full I couldn't eat anymore so I'd set you free."

"Fuck you," Randy shouted into the phone. "Shit," Randy whispered and giggled again. "I don't want to wake up Simon. You know," Randy said while leaning back in his chair, "you sorta are a cannibal. I mean, you already ate my ass..."

Gale could almost make the lip-bite out over the phone. "Yeah," he said while remembering times way back when and laughed. They both chuckled again and said 'Cumin' into the phone at the same time.

"I'll let you get back to sleep, Gale," Randy said quietly into the phone.

"Don't read that shit anymore, okay?" Gale said.



"Promise," Randy said.

"G'night Randy," Gale said and then added quickly, "and Randy?"


"I wouldn't eat you," Gale said. Simon maybe but he decided not to add that part.

"Later," Randy said with a smile and hung up. He turned back to the glow of his monitor. He knew he shouldn't be looking. It was awfully late after all.

Half an hour later...

Gale heard the phone ring and picked up the offending thing. Once again he found himself looking at the alarm clock on his nightstand and knew why they called them 'alarm' clocks.

He looked at the caller ID. "Randy! It's 3 fucking AM. What is it now?"

"You're not going to believe what that lady wrote about us this time..."


You know how I feel about fb. And yeah, it's not the greatest thing I've ever written.

Just a one off.

Tags: g/r standalone

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