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Lurker Amnesty Day in honor of my 3 year anniversay!!!!

Hey all!

I've decided to try something. I have people on my flist who I haven't friended back because I don't know who they are.

Now if you're here ONLY for my fic and nothing else, then DO NOT PANIC!!!!

I will always keep my fic unlocked.

But if you also like to read my other posts as well, then you should know that I keep quite a few of them locked because of personal pictures (and no, when I say personal pictures, I do not mean me in the buff *shivers* but pics of my kids and life) and personal stories.

So if you friended me and would like me to friend you back (seriously, I'm not really even sure it's a good thing - LOL!), then just introduce yourself to me here and let me know who you are. I don't bite.


Also, I am still working on chapter 6 of Justin's Baby. It should be...interesting. :)

I think Karma is kicking my butt btw. After posting that last chapter of Justin's Baby, I've been having some of the worst cramps ever. I don't usually get those.

*kicks bad Karma*

But I digress...

If you are a lurker, come on out and say 'hi!'

I almost forgot. The reason I'm doing this is because I've had this journal for 3 years now. I started off in the Spangel fandom where I was a lurker for awhile and I remember some the people I friended having lurker amnesty days. So this is in honor of my third year anniversary.

My first friends way back when were hellsbells and evilmaniclaugh and the first community I belonged to was sickchicks, where writers did strange, new and diabolical things to Spike.

Still wanna be my friend?


Just kidding...sort of...
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