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03 October 2007 @ 09:57 pm
So I started a new community. It's based on the same premise as qaf_marathons.

I'll announce a horror movie (very 70's or 80's type movie with not as much slice and dice - no Jason or Freddy here and movies like Saw and Hostel are too new and too gory), tell you where to find it and watch it. Then I'll throw some questions are there, you answer them and a discussion will ensue.


The community is called the_other_slash.

I'm thinking of finding the movies on youtube and leading people there. That way, for people who can't just go out and rent horror movies, they'll have access to the movie.

I won't be assigning wonderful movies like Spider Baby that's hard to come by or The Mad Room which is not to be found ANYWHERE.

So come join if this sounds like something you want to do. Pimp it around to your friends - maybe one of them will want to join.

It's all in good fun!!!!
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Maria: It's Movie Timeslave_o_spike on October 4th, 2007 05:23 am (UTC)
Yes! They are! I've seen movies I've forgotten! But not too many are available and one movie in particular, Silent Scream, made in 1980, which is a classic and is hard to come by, was missing one scene (it was posted in 10 parts). So see? You have to be careful.

Yeah, the first name I came up with was body_count but it was taken. I thought the other slash was more apropos for our crowd. :P

Welcome! You are officially the first to join. :)