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Pimping my new community AND it's my wedding anniversary...

Hey you guys!

Just wanted to pimp my community again. It's called the_other_slash and it will work on the same principle as the qaf marathon comm. I give you a movie to watch and then I throw out a bunch of questions which I give you time to answer thoughtfully and then we can discuss the answers...only instead of watching qaf episodes, we watch B horror and thriller movies.

So come join. :)

Also, I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT tomorrow will be my 20th wedding anniversary!!!!

Yep 20 years.

I think I'm eligible for parole now...

And below the cut is a picture of that fateful day 20 years ago.

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I was 24 there...*sigh*

Yes, we had a bohemian style wedding, complete on a mountain top! After the wedding of my best friend where I think her parents almost had to take out a second mortgage, I wanted SIMPLE. :)

I'm getting time to myself this weekend (aside from that whole anniversary celebration thing) and I hope to be writing.

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