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Bad Fic Entry #1 "The Hitcher"

So per my last post, (about an hour and a half ago), I said I would start this experiment.

My bad fic experiment.

I'm not posting this anywhere but HERE BTW. Not on, not on MW, nor on any of the comms.

I was watching the new Hitcher movie the last night, the one with Sean Bean. So here you go.

And as usual, this is nothing like the movie. :)

Title: The Hitcher
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Genre: Badfic/Horror/Suspense
Rating: S for stupid
Summary: You've seen the movie. Come on. You haven't? Okay. Justin picks up more than he can handle (and I don't mean a raging case of herpes) when he picks up a hitchhiker. Chaos ensues.

Disclaimer: All this is true. Oh look! Elvis!

Prologue - are you sure you want to read?Collapse )

So I did a spell-check and a quick beta cuz I still couldn't leave it as is. However, this took about half an hour to write so I'm on task. :)

You can leave me fb, but please be honest. But be gentle...cuz I'm fragile...

But be honest.

But gentle...
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