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POTC standalone "Spitting Will"

Okay, per doylebaby's request, here's one of the vore-related fics for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Title: Spitting Will
Pairing: Jack/Will/?
Genre: Dark humor
Summary: Per my last posts, I was taking requests and I mentioned something about this. This takes place during the cannibal scene on the island in Dead Man's Chest.
Warnings: Vore. It's more kinky than anything. Don't worry. :)
Disclaimers: I don't own Jack and Will or a spit. Don't try this at home kiddies!

"Jack! What do you plan on doing with that...that pole!" Will shouted nervously.

The pole was long, thin and smoothly sanded with a tip that ended in a blunt point. The pole was also currently being greased with some fat-like substance by one Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Jack! Please?! What's going on? Why are you taking the time to grease that pole if you plan on tying me to it like the rest of the crew?"

"Because I'm not tying you to it whelp, savvy?" Jack said as he stopped his ministrations.

"Then what do you plan on doing with it?" Will swallowed audibly.

"Well, I had hoped to impale you with something else," Jack sighed, "but circumstances being what they are," Jack said as he waved to the rest of the crew that were slowly roasting over an open fire, "this will be the only way I'll ever get to do it."

"You're going to im...impale me...on that?!?!" Will stuttered.

Will watched as Jack continued to rub the fat onto the pole.




And up again.

Then down again.

Despite the dire situation Will found himself in, he felt himself becoming quite...


"Don't worry Will. I'll make sure not to hit any of your vital organs. Hopefully I'll miss your heart completely," Jack smiled, then started to whistle.

"But...what does it matter? I'll be dead anyway," Will pouted. "Might as well gut me and get it over with."

"But where would the fun be in that?!" Jack exclaimed. "Now be a good lad and spread your legs."

"No!" Will shouted, a impetuous look on his face. "I will not let you spit me!"

"The chief told me you might actually find it agreeable. Come on now Will, be a good boy and spread 'em," Jack pleaded.

What was he to do? Jack hadn't lied to him before.

Well, actually, that wasn't exactly true, but it looked like 'circumstances' were such that he didn't have a say in this.

Will spread his legs, Jack taking some of the fat he had been using on the pole to lubricate Will's entrance.

One finger, two fingers, three.

Jack's fingers were slowly probing inside of Will while the whelp thrashed and moaned and just when he thought he could take no more, Jack rubbed against a spot that sent Will shooting off the ground.

"Ah, feels good, eh whelp," Jack winked. "Now let's get this going. They plan on spitting and roasting me when you're done." Jack placed the end to Will's entrance and ever so slowly twisted the pole in.

"See now, doesn't that feel good," Jack asked, a smile widening on his face.

"Actually, it does feel...oh...rather...nice," Will moaned as Jack continued to slide the shaft into Will.

The diameter was such that Will found himself feeling every sensation he could as the pole slid further into him, that spot Jack had touched before was being stimulated over and over again.

Jack licked his lips as he watched Will writhing in ecstasy on the ground as the pole literally fucked him.

"Oh God Jack! That feels so good! More!"

"And now comes the hard part whelp," Jack sighed, yet aroused at the sight like he'd never been before.

Jack continued to slide the shaft into Will, the sharp tip hitting something, Will suddenly quite aware of the pain and the peril he was now in. He could feel the process of the spit making its way through his body cavity, Jack inching along so as not to hit anything.

But this was physically impossible!

And all the while, Will was managing to distract himself by rubbing up and down on the pole as it made his way up through him.

"Okay, luv, you might want to lean back. The pole is traveling up your throat and will want to emerge out your mouth."

And just as he said that, Will tilted his head back, watching as something came through his lips. He was fully impaled and still alive!

He tried to talk around the pole but found his mouth full.

"Sorry about that Will. I should have asked if you had any last words," Jack said and then looked down at Will with concern. "Will? Will? Are you alright whelp? Wake up! Wake up Will!"

"I think he passed out on us, James Norrington," said, his cock firmly down Will's throat.

"I've never had anyone pass out on me before," Captain Jack said, looking down at the thrashing Will. "Will? Luv?"

Will opened his eyes, blinking rapidly as he took in where he was. He could see Jack's concerned face and when he looked directly up, he could see the ex-commodore looking down at him. "Ummmph..hmmmh," Will mumbled around the cock in his mouth.

"Blast Norrington! Take your cock out of his mouth. The whelp can't talk with that bloody thing in there!" Jack shouted.

"My apologies Mr. Turner," James said as he took his penis in hand and retreated.

"Where am I?" Will panted. "Jack! Jack! You were going to eat me!"

"Well of course I'm going to eat you! After I fuck you into this mattress! Then after I eat you, I want to see Norrington over there fuck you! Then maybe you could do me!" Jack said the last with a small hopeful smile on his face.

Will looked down to see Jack balls deep into him.

"You were impaling me on this long, thick pole..."

Jack's smile, if possible, got even wider.

Jack looked up at Norrington and whispered, "still has flashbacks to the cannibal island."

"Ah, I see," James nodded. "May I resume?" the disgraced naval officer asked, his engorged cock still in hand.

That night on the Pearl, Will was indeed 'impaled and eaten,' only Will was very much alive so they that they could do it all over again in the morning.

And here endeth the story.


Sure, it's just that I don't expect anyone to read this. LOL!

And hey! This isn't my fault!

It's Disney for putting these ideas in my head!
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