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Movie Rec and Ficlets I wrote today

So hubby walks up to me tonight and says, "let's go see a movie in Seattle, cuz there isn't much out here."

Which is true. It's all the main shit. So we saw Persepolis at one of the small art house theatres.

Wow! I suggest you go see it if it's playing anywhere near you.

Here's the trailer.

Anywho, so my experiment today of writing ficlets on demand was fun. In case you wanted to see them, here are the links:

This one is for charlie_jae: A short ficlet, (not drabble - it's more than 100 words) pre Justin:

Debbie's Bad

This one is for bluemchenkaffee who requested a guardian eating Ethan in my Through a Mirror Darkly verse!

Ethan Character Death - like that's a bad thing

I'm thinking of starting the 'ex-wives club' for people who want to dispatch of their ex's:

Okay, here's one for singlewoman who requested her ex (Bob) to be used in whatever way I saw fit (not even good enough for the sausage).

One Night at the Roadhouse

And now for my fourth: jillapet requested her ex and his wife (Kurt and Angie) to be next on the menu in the cannibalverse. *whistles innocently*

What happens when you hit a cow around here

The experiment obviously worked. I feel much better now. :)
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