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So I had this idea...

I just heard about this tv show called Dexter. Has anyone seen it?

I mean a tv show about a serial killer?

Sounds like something I would write.

So anywho, I was thinking, what about a tv show about the Antichrist? I mean, it would be funny.

He would totally not get the whole evil thing. He would be a constant disappointment to his dad.

He would be all set and ready to perform some great feat of evil, you know, he'd be all psyched for it and then he would get distracted by discount tacos or something.

He would be so set against the Apocalpyse happening because he's not ready for it, he would go around making sure it didn't happen!

His name would be Pete.

And I think you alreay know who I'd get to play him.

*points to icon*

I just finished writing Steve Buscemi dialogue in my latest chapter of Death Does Not Become Him and I remember how much dialogue I gave him in my Mirror fic. It would be so much fun!

What else could he do?
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