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Legolas, cannibal!Brian, Waffle, his doll and Me Picspam...

So, I thoroughly apologize for my drunken attempt the other night at writing fic.

If it was an experiment, it failed miserably! LOL!

On top of all that, I pissed off cannibal!Brian cuz I paired Ted with Justin.

And on top of that, I put a bucket in his hands. Remember what it means when Brian has a bucket in his hands.

It means you're usually on the wrong side of the cage!

So I decided to employ the help of Waffle and his voodoo doll to take care of the little problem:

I caught a glimpse of cannibal!Brian as he was leaving the homestead:


He went to the general store. I got some of the locals, who are you know, tired of wondering if they'll be put in the sausage, to get some of his hairs.


I heard tell they got him when he was pretty tanked:


So I got Waffle and told him to take out the ole voodoo doll and his book. I made sure this time that he took the Made in Taiwan tag off cuz I'm sure that's why it backfired last time.


He stuck the pins in the appropriate places. Then he did his little dance.

I won't go into detail about it. It was awful!


And voila!


Oh crap!

Great! I must've gotten the hairs mixed up again.

Of course, looking at that shit eating grin on ole Brian's face, I'd say he had something to do with it.


No Waffle! Don't consult the book again. It wasn't you.

This is me trying to unruffle some feathers. After all, not only do I have a pissed off cannibal after me, NOW I have an irate elf!


*shakes head*

I just need to take that damn doll away from Waffle!

And I would so love to thank the wonderful critic75 for the lovely pics of cannibal!Brian. I heard she stalks him with her camera everywhere he goes. :)
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