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First entry for fic request - Karl Urban/Orlando ficlet

Title: When you have to improvise
Pairing: Blurban (Karl/Orlando)
Summary: This is from the Death Does Not Become Him verse. It also takes place way before Orlando met Sean and has to do with a reference Officer Karl Urban made to Orli about fucking him against the hood of his Charger. ;P
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own these guys. I don't own this Charger. It would probably try to kill me.

Author's Note: This request was made by doylebaby who wanted a little Karl/Orlando loving before the current WIP.

"Dude!" Orlando yelled as he walked into the dimly lit garage.

"Dude!" Karl yelled back as he walked up to the younger man and high-fived him.

"Wow, the Charger's looking real...good. I mean...I'm not really a gear head, but it! If this were a guy, I'd totally fuck him," Orlando nodded as he checked out the shiny black paint job, the dual air filters protruding from the hood scoop and the gleaming chrome surrounding the beast of a car.

"I think the car would fuck you," Karl laughed as he bent over and started the car.

And the beast roared to life.

"Fuck! What the bloody hell was that?" Orlando giggled.

"8.5 on the Richter scale," Karl smiled.

Orlando laid his hands on the hood, feeling the vibrations beneath. He then lay his entire upper body along the freshly polished surface. "Mmmm...feels good," he purred. He proceeded to take his shirt off and throw it to the side, laying down once more. "Now it feels even better," he moaned as he wriggled all over the front end.

Karl dropped his shop rag.

"I don't...uh...have any supplies..."

Karl watched as Orlando continued to writhe his lithe body all over his beast and decided he wanted that young body writing on his beast!

"Fuck it!" and with that Karl attacked Orlando as he continued to move wantonly on the hood, the vibrations sending shivers down his naked spine. Their tongues dueled quickly while Orlando tried to unsuccessfully pull Karl's shirt from his torso. "Give us a hand mate, yeah?"

Karl practically tore his shirt from his massive chest and continued to attack the younger man. He flipped Orlando over and pulled his pants down to around his knees.

"I thought you said you didn't have any supplies?" Orlando whimpered.

"Got a condom, Just no lube," Karl panted out while he tore open a condom package and speedily pulled the sheath over his cock.

"No lube, no fuck," Orlando groaned as Karl continued to rub his penis along his partner's cleft.

"We'll improvise," Karl growled.

"Improvise? We're in a bloody garage...oh no!" Orlando shouted as it suddenly came to him. Before he could protest, he felt the viscous fluid as it poured over his backside, Karl pushing more of the slippery substance into his entrance.

"Oh God! Yeah, right there. That works," Orlando breathed out.

Karl entered in one swift motion, the lubrication provided by the substance more slippery than he had originally thought, landing him balls deep into the boy beneath him.

"Easy!" Orlando moaned.

"Oh yeah...improvisation," Karl whispered as he continued to thrust into Orlando over and over again, hitting that little bundle of nerves that drove his young lover insane with need.

The friction from the vibrations of the car made it so he didn't have to touch his cock before he erupted all over Karl's shiny new paint job.

Karl growled as Orlando's release caused his walls to clamp down on his cock. "Like a fucking vise!" Karl roared as his orgasm overtook him.

Orlando wondered for a brief moment if everyone in the city of Pasadena was calling the animal control unit right about now.

Karl lay panting on top of Orlando, kissing the back of his neck, rubbing the sides of the young man's torso. "We should use that stuff more often."

"I'm afraid to ask," Orlando groaned.

Karl picked up the plastic container and grinned. "Oil Extreme! The world's best motor oil for all your lubrication needs."


Happy Birthday doylebaby! *smooches*

Tags: death does not become him, fic challenge request, karl/orli

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