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09 March 2008 @ 11:12 am
That meme that's going around...  
I gakked this meme from, Gosh!, just about everybody!

List 10 fictional characters you'd have sex with and tag 5 other people to do it as well.

And some of them have pictures!!!!!

1. Spike - (from Buffy). I mean come on!

2. Hector (played by Eric Bana) from the movie Troy - I dare you to ask 'why?' to that one. :)


3. Reese (played by Michael Biehn) from The Terminator - how sweet is it that he came from the future for a woman he loved that he hadn't even met?


4. Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) from the Evil Dead trilogy. Think of all the wonderful attachments he could employ when not using the chainsaw hand.


5. Captain Sinclair from Babylon 5. I like a man in uniform.

6. Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. This had been a fantasy of mine since I was 15 and I first saw the movie. I think I had just seen him in a Disney flick.


7. Connor and Murphy MacManus from Boondock Saints. Yes, both of them! Does that count as two?


8. Mr. Pink (played by Steve Buscemi) in Reservoir Dogs. It's Steve Buscemi! And he would be very professional about it!

9. Dr. Peter Venkman (played by Bill Murray) from Ghostbusters. It would just be so much fun and I loved how he ad-libbed through most of that movie.


10. Han Solo. *nods head*

I could tag some people, but I think everyone's heard about it now (it was first on the Qaf lists and now it's on the LotR lists too!) LOL!

You can just do it if you haven't been tagged yet!

Also, I'm going to see that movie, The Other Boleyn Girl tonight. Anybody see it yet? Is it good?
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Maria: Spike Talk to the handslave_o_spike on March 9th, 2008 06:57 pm (UTC)
No Hector?! No Reese?

I know they were both doomed from the start, but fuck if they didn't give it their all while they were there! :)

Spike is a no brainer. Remember S6? *fans self* That is, until stupid writers decided they would have Spike 'rape' Buffy. I think the writers decided to go OOC with Spike. ;P

That would've been funny had you done Pink!

And yowza! Now was that 1 am new time or old time? LOL! Sometimes, I hate hunting and pecking for pics.
softbluebuddysoftbluebuddy on March 9th, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC)
No Hector?! No Reese?

That has been remedied by me editing my post, now I am up to 16 because I am a greedy bitch.

Remember S6? How could I forget. OMG when they finished fighting in that abandoned building and Buffy jumps up and wraps her legs around Spike. All I could think was, "Was that a zipper? Holy shit!" I was watching alone and I'm looking around the room like I actually wanted to ask someone that exact question. I thought, "Wow. Right on Joss. Good job."

Mariaslave_o_spike on March 9th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
Well I was watching w!th the whole family and I was like, 'oh shit!'

My daughter, who at the time was about 13 said, 'are they?'

Oh yeah. LOL! My son who was 7 at the time was like, 'are they what?'