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Regarding the mem going around again...

So I went out with hubby to do some shopping and I told him about the meme I had done on lj that morning and I told him about the 10 fictional characters I would most likely want to fuck.

He looked at me and said, 'I can't believe you forgot two of your most favorite?'

I was like, 'huh?'

He's like, 'think real hard. Think Mustang chase scene and go-go boots.'

And then I made that 'O' motion with my mouth.

He's right. I can't believe I forgot!


How could I forget Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle (played by Gene Hackman) from The French Connection and Frank Bullitt (played by the late Steve McQueen - the coolest individual that ever lived) from Bullitt.

I remember how Doyle had this thing for women in go-go boots and I remember buying a pair of boots when they first came in style just for that reason! Isn't that whack?!?!

And what can you say about one of the best car chase scenes EVER! And Steve McQueen! And that car!

That's my inner gearhead talking again. LOL!

Bullitt - this is the most famous pic of him in the movie - or ever:


And Popeye - I just want to cuddle with him and wear the hat when he's not!


I don't know what's more scary though - the fact that I forgot them or that hubby knows me so well...

Then again, this is the guy who wants me to do a crossover with Lexx and Queer as Folk. LOL!
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