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12 March 2008 @ 08:39 pm
Midnight Whispers and my gnome...  
So I just went to the new Midnight Whispers site.


So, everything I put there is gone!

They have an archive you can access, but I just don't fucking want to.

That Mirror fic was 25 fucking chapters long!

And the best part is also gone - the reviews!

I had some really great pissy reviews there and now they're completely gone!


And hey! I posted something this morning and I didn't receive one comment!

Is everyone creeped out by the gnome video? I thought it was funny.

I mean, it had a pointy hat!
Current Mood: crankycranky
liriel1810 on March 13th, 2008 04:06 am (UTC)
I must have missed your gnome post... I've been out most of the day. :( I miss my computer when I have to go out... how pathetic am I? BTW, gnomes always have pointy hats! *g*

BUT while I was out, I went looking for QaF dvds, and it's all your fault! LOL I found the complete 2 seasons of the Brit version, for only $25, and the store had season 2 and season 3 of the American version... at a total cost of $160... yeah, don't think so. So I went to the video store on my way home and rented the first season, because, now that you've posted that little rimming snippet, I HAVE to see it, you know! LOL So I have a week to watch season 1, and if I like it, I can always order all three seasons from Amazon.

What's Midnight Whispers?

I used to have my fic on another site, but when they proved to be stupider than a sack of hammers, I took everything down, including all the reviews I got. Now I only have my stuff on my LJ.
Maria: BJ Guh Showerslave_o_spike on March 13th, 2008 05:21 am (UTC)
I like the US version so much better than the UK one. Stuart (the Brian Kinney) of the UK version is creepy as well as Nathan (the Justin version).

I think you'll LOVE S1! S2 is also my favorite.

Midnight Whispers is to the QaF (Brian/Justin specifically) fandom what Mirrormere is to the Lotr fandom. It's been down for the past week - not that I've known since I haven't read any BJ since July. The woman who runs the site had to go to a different site and she's had to repost all the stories by hand. She put a note that said if you want to, you can repost your own stories.

Nu-uh. Too much work!

Was the site you're talking about Mirrormere?
liriel1810 on March 13th, 2008 05:26 am (UTC)
Maybe that's why the Brit version was so cheap? *g* I'll check it out anyhow, and if it sucks really bad, well, it was only $25, right? Perhaps I can pawn it off on someone else. lol

Hubby was home sick today, so I have to wait for tomorrow to start my viewing.

Yep, that was the site... they don't seem to give a rats arse about anything there, so I took all my stuff down.

That really sucks that the QaF site went down and you lost all your reviews. Reviews are like gold!
Maria: BJ copulatingslave_o_spike on March 13th, 2008 05:44 am (UTC)
There's no shortage of people who are into the UK version (cuz they do like Nathan and think Stuart is sexy) - you might enjoy them.

Hubby was sick? You have my sympathies. ;P

Yeah, I remember someone spamming the reviews on the Mirrormere site. There must be a way to handle that without disabling the anonymous comments. Ever since they did that, reviews for my story have gone down about 50 percent. LOL!

I agree - reviews are gold! I received a review that read simply, 'you're a weirdo and should seek medical attention' for my cannibal fic.

So I laughed at it and wrote back, 'and the orderlies are here with my meds now...' but some of my flist took offense to it and wrote in 'don't you know parody when you read it' and such.

Now it's all gone. :(
liriel1810 on March 13th, 2008 05:52 am (UTC)
I'll let you know... when I get around to watching it. *g* I'm bad for buying dvds and not watching them for yonks.

Yeah, poor man... sick in bed on two chairs... hasn't moved from the couch all day!

Well, my beta was one of the people who had her reviews hijacked in that manner... she sent an email and pretty much got no satisfaction... it was the final straw for me. The first thing was when I sent an oh so polite email asking for a POTC section, since they have an OZ section and there's only something like SIX stories in it, I thought a POTC section was a good idea... they never even gave me the courtesy of a 'fuck off' response.

That's an awesome review! *giggle* That would have seriously had me in stitches! It's nice when your friends come to your defence, even if you don't think it's necessary, isn't it?

I'm so sorry you lost them all, sweetie. *snuggles*
Maria: Orlando Bloom PoTC heroic Willslave_o_spike on March 13th, 2008 02:19 pm (UTC)
Seriously? That would have been the perfect site for PotC!!! I mean, they have Troy and Lotr, which means it's a bit Orlando centric, so PotR would have been a natural choice!

You'd think.

See? Now that I know that, it makes me wonder if I should be posting there too. I get more response from lj and it allows more of a conversation flow in reviews. Oh well!
liriel1810 on March 14th, 2008 09:00 am (UTC)
that's what I thought, it would have been very logical to have a POTC section, much more logical than fucking OZ, which I had no idea what it even was! They're just stupid... and I'm a cranky old bag. *g*

It's a matter of personal choice, I think. I know lots of people who still post there.

But I was disgruntled, so I let my feet do the talking and walked.

A lot of people read and don't comment, and then when you take things down, they bitch at you for it!

I had someone comment on one of my other fics only to complain that I'd taken Spite down... of course she'd never commented on any of the FORTY FUCKING CHAPTERS of Spite itself. So I basically told her that it was my fic and I could do whatever the fuck I wanted with it, but that it would have been nice to know she'd enjoyed it, BEFORE I'd taken it down. Stupid bint.