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The new Batman movie and my take on the Joker


So I went and saw The Dark Knight.


The Joker definitely owns that movie.

I regret that Heath Ledger was not able to see his role come to life on the big screen.

Because he was just...Wow.

I've seen so many sociopaths and psychopaths played out on the big screen and in books and (yes, in my mind when I'm writing), but this one is new. It actually took me by surprise.

His greatest evil, and he is evil, is in his ability to use basic human nature as his weapon.

He is not content to just perform heinous acts on people.


His viciousness lives in making one person perform these acts on another.

Usually, he wins at that. However that one scene at the end with the ferries and the convicts and the silent vote, it didn't.

Of course, that was per the movie. Once hubby and I talked about it on the way home, we came to the same conclusion.

That the ferry scene wouldn't have happened the way it did.

Although, it was a great way to show that any one person who thought they could do it, like the man who had gotten up to push the button on the detonator, couldn't in the end.

Would you want to be the person that pushed the button?


I didn't think so.

I also found another part of the Joker quite fascinating.

When he told the story of how he got the scars on his face the first time, I could understand how that kind of thing could damage a person and I actually felt myself feeling for him. Just for a second, mind you.

After all, I know all too well what kind of scars, physical and mental, a parent can leave behind.

But when he told his story later to Rachel, his tale changed.

And I felt like such an idiot for feeling anything in the slightest for him when he last told his story of woe.

But that was what made him so fascinating.

He lied about it. He was using his scars to bring out that in people which makes them human.

Their ability to empathize.

God only knows where he got the scars, not that it matters.

For all we know, he inflicted them on himself.

That would be just like him.

Another thing about this movie and the last one, Batman Begins, is that they are very different animals from the first two Batman movies, with its strange Tim Burton-esque colors and cartoon-like villains. And as for the two middle Batman movies, the ones I rarely acknowledge (I mean, really, George Clooney as Batman?), the new Batman movies aren't even on the same playing field.

I love the new movies for their realistic approach to the Batman chronicles. The villains are real looking. The Joker is not the hapless victim of radioactive green goop, and there are no mutant penguin-men or women with nine lives. I've already expressed my love for Ledger's Joker. But what about Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face? You know the man won't be living long, not with the scarring he received.

And what about Gotham? Gotham in the latest movies looks like a cross between Chicago and New York, not a sound stage cast in eternal darkness and fog.
The first scene opens up with the Joker standing on a street corner in broad daylight, slumped and fidgeting, just waiting.

I don't know why, but that scene sets the whole movie up for me.

Because this is his movie, the Joker's that is.

The first one (Batman Begins) was Batman's (Christian Bale). And I loved the first one because it showed us a Bruce Wayne that we could believe was Batman.

But this movie, is his (the Joker's) movie and somewhere, I hope, Heath knows it.

Anywho, I saw the movie on Saturday night and I'm still thinking about the character of the Joker. What does that have to say about it?

Except for the character of Lars from Lars and the Real Girl (and that scene where he's with the doctor and you see him coming to terms with being able to touch people again - that scene killed me in the theatre and still bothers me to this day), I rarely find myself still thinking about a move character this long.
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