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A Meme and news on the next cannibal fic update

I was tagged by tdorian and I didn't know about it till now. Anywho, Give a QaF quote, tag three other people - with the idea being, of course, to see how long we can keep it going.

Here's my quote because, ya know, it seemed so appropriate for me:

Ted: Look at me! I look like a cow chart in the butcher shop. (when Ted was getting his plastic surgery).

LOL! I love that line.

I tag critic75, sevigny7 and 1islandinthesea.

If you were already tagged and did it, then never mind.

If anyone else wants to do it that I didn't tag, be my guest. I might be alittle late on this. :)

Also, I'm so thrilled to see people still happy about me updating my cannibal fic and all the great feedback I got (even if it was the grossest chapter to date). The next chapter will not be as gross and it will have a cliff-hanger. Stay tuned!
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