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Megan's SATs and the Green River Killer

I feel like I've been up forever. I just drove Megan to a high school (we got there kinda early) to take another one of her SAT tests.

I remember when I took the SAT, there was just the one but now they have the main SAT test and the ones that test you on individual subjects. I'm not sure of the subject tests she's taking today but I hope she does well.

*crosses fingers*

I had to leave really bloody early to drive into Auburn. As I was driving, I noticed Megan was a little quiet and a bit nervous so knowing my daughter had never been to Auburn, when we drove over the Green River, I turned to her:

me: You know, that's the Green River that everybody means when they talk about the Green River Killer.

Mgean: *brows furrowing* Who was he?

me: He was like this serial killer named after the river where they found most of the bodies. They think he may have killed more women than Ted Bundy.

Megan: Who did he kill?

me: I think prostitutes mainly.

Megan: I didn't even know they existed around here.

me: They exist everywhere. Just coz you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. It's not like Hollywood Blvd where you can see them as plain as day. 5:00 they would come out. In fact, when I was a health inspector in Hollywood, I knew it was time to go home when the girls and their pimps would come out. It was like 'oh look, a working girl,' it must be quitting time.

Megan: Still, I'd hate to go to a high school next to the river where they found the bodies. *shivers*

me: This coming from a girl who lives near and goes to school next to the river where at least one person dies every year in the summer from some stupid accident. Remember that guy with the ice chest strapped to his ankle who was pulled under and the chest acted liked an anchor? I'm surprised his spirit doesn't haunt the valley, people hearing this strange scraping sound at night as he drags the ice chest behind him like the chains he must wear into eternity...

Megan: Mom, I know what you're doing. You're trying to put me at ease.

me: Is it working?

Megan: Strangely enough, yes. You have this uncanny ability to calm people.

me: I try...

Really, I do try. :)
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