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New Standalone Fic! A Queer as Folk/Lotr RPS xover

Something for everyone here! For both the Lotr RPS people AND for my Brian/Justin people.

For such_a_steph:

Title: How Orlando Came to be in the Pitts
Pairing: Justin/Brian from QaF, Orlando
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Queer as Folk xover with Lotr RPS. Yep. I did it. Orlando, from my Death Does Not Become Him universe (this would be quite a few years ago. Orli's about 19 here) takes a trip with Viggo, Dommie and Billy to Pittsburgh witnessing 'the meeting' between Justin Taylor and Brian Kinney.
Orlando, just so you know, has the ability to see how a person will die. Just so there's no confusion. :)
Now that was a mouthful!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these boys and none of it is true. The timeline doesn't even match up for fucksake.

Note: This is for such_a_steph because she guessed the ham reference correctly. She wanted wither something with Orli in the Death!verse or something with Justin in the overalls.

So I put Orli in the overalls...

Just a little something for everyone on my flistCollapse )
Tags: b/j standalone, lotr rps
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