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New Standalone Fic! A Queer as Folk/Lotr RPS xover

Something for everyone here! For both the Lotr RPS people AND for my Brian/Justin people.

For such_a_steph:

Title: How Orlando Came to be in the Pitts
Pairing: Justin/Brian from QaF, Orlando
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Queer as Folk xover with Lotr RPS. Yep. I did it. Orlando, from my Death Does Not Become Him universe (this would be quite a few years ago. Orli's about 19 here) takes a trip with Viggo, Dommie and Billy to Pittsburgh witnessing 'the meeting' between Justin Taylor and Brian Kinney.
Orlando, just so you know, has the ability to see how a person will die. Just so there's no confusion. :)
Now that was a mouthful!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these boys and none of it is true. The timeline doesn't even match up for fucksake.

Note: This is for such_a_steph because she guessed the ham reference correctly. She wanted wither something with Orli in the Death!verse or something with Justin in the overalls.

So I put Orli in the overalls...

Orlando looked around in awe as he took in Liberty Avenue.

It was literally every gay boy's fantasy.

Once Viggo had taken Orlando, Dom and Billy from their home in London to live a new life in the States, the older man had decided to go back to his home in Los Angeles (the Hollywood Hills, to be exact) via cross country. It was his way of showing the boys all of America, instead of taking them straight away to California.

They had already been to New York and parts of New England. But Viggo said they had to make a detour through Pennsylvania to learn more about the country's rich history and its beginning roots.

Of course, Dommie had to remind Viggo at every step that their country's rich history was steeped in treason to their King and that all Americans were a bloody, ungrateful lot who wouldn't know what to do with a good cup of tea if it came up and bit them on their fat arse.

Viggo then whisked them away for a quick trip through 'the Pitts,' as the older man was fond of calling the city.

And then Dommie had asked why in the hell would they want to even go see a place with the bloody unfortunate name of an unsightly part of a person's anatomy.

Viggo said they were going to 'the Pitts' or he was going to ship Dommie on the next Greyhound bus for the middle of nowhere, some place called Bakersfield where the temperature got around 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.

Dommie pretty much shut up after that.

And that was how he and his friends found themselves on Liberty Avenue.

"What the hell are you wearing those things for Orli?" Dommie sneered as he grabbed the back of the young man's overalls.

"I like them," Orlando pouted. "They're comfortable, roomy and..."

"And easy access too," Billy nodded. "What?! Why are ye looking at me like that? They are. Look," the Scot said as he reached over to unbuckle one of the straps.

"Bills!" Orlando bellowed in embarrassment as he tried to stop his friend from exposing him right there on the street. They tangled with each other for awhile before Billy raised his hands in surrender and joined in the good natured ribbing of their best friend.

"I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to buy you those things," Viggo chuckled. "Or that damn hat," the older man said as he pointed disgustedly at the multicolored beanie that sat atop Orlando's head. He had bought it as a present for the young man when Orlando had met his first Rastafarian.

And except for a strand of charms on a long chain and a pair of heavily soiled work boots, that's all Orli was wearing.

"You could've at least worn a shirt ye twat," Dommie said.

"I like the way it feels," Orlando smiled but the smile dropped from his face when he saw the looks on his friends' faces.

"Whoever knew wearing a pair of white dungarees could be so sensual," Viggo declared in amusement.

Orlando laughed with the rest of his friends before another voice caught his attention.

"Kinda late to be out, huh? Especially on a school night...why don't you come home with me? Huh?"

"No Thanks," another voice, one much softer, laughed nervously.

Orlando spun around to take in the scene. He was able to catch the tail end of a conversation between a very beautiful, blond boy, one who no doubt was only a few years younger than himself, and another older male. The boy extricated himself out from under the man's arm before starting to walk away.

"Go on home to your mommy," the man said patronizingly. "Go on."

Orlando watched as the boy turned around and walked away, his face showing how out of place he felt here.

He knew that look well enough.

It was the way he himself looked most days.

Orlando followed the boy's movements. Just as he was about to run after the boy, he turned around and looked directly at Orlando.

Oh God!

Oh God!

Where once was flawless, porcelain skin, bright blue eyes and the most perfect set of lips, there was now bone, blood and matter in no particular order and Orlando couldn't quite bring himself to look at the lad anymore.

Someone had gone to town on the kid's head. Crushed his skull in pretty good.

Probably with something like a metal pipe.

Or a baseball bat.

And Orlando could tell his vision wasn't somewhere in the far, far future.

This kid wouldn't live to see his graduation.

Orlando blinked his eyes and once again the vision was gone. And soon, so was the kid as he continued to walk. Orlando quickly broke away from his friends to follow the blond.

"Oi Orli! Where you headed!" Dommie shouted after his friend. "Fucking tosser," he muttered.

"Oh look, maybe he's found someone to play with," Billy nodded.

"Well with him in that hat, he better hope the bloke is color blind," Dom said as he turned back to his group.

Orlando followed the boy to a busy back alley. When the young man looked to see where he was, he noticed it was behind a very popular night club by the name of Babylon.

How apropos.

Looked like fun though.

But he was more interested in other things.

Like finding out more about the boy, because the thought of letting the matter drop as he was usually wont to do - well to be honest, it wasn't what he wanted to do, it was just that it was all he could do most of the time as people were not quite agreeable to knowing their future when it came right down to it. But walking away now, especially when he could possibly do something, was not an option as far as Orlando was concerned.

And just as Orlando was contemplating how to confront the lad about what he knew, that's when it happened.

When he came along.

A tall man with auburn colored hair and big expressive eyes, exuding the confidence and charm and pure sex appeal Viggo thought he possessed.

Viggo could get pretty full of himself sometimes.

As Orlando looked at the man, he came to one conclusion.

He was pretty fucking hot. That phrase 'sex on legs' came to mind.

But he was an observer in all this because just like that, the man had grabbed the attention of the blond.

In fact, Orlando was pretty sure that nothing existed beyond their realm as the two men continued to contemplate each other.

The older man stood, staring admiringly. At first, his eyes were taking in the young man fondly, almost adoringly. And just as quickly, the eyes took on a more predatory gleam.

Orlando watched as the older man walked straight for the boy, who was currently leaning against a lamp post. While observing the two males, Orlando suddenly understood what people meant by the term magnetism.

Because surely these two were drawn to each other as if an invisible force was pulling them together, not to be distracted by any outside interference.

It was very real.

And Orlando was there to see it.

To see as something big was about to happen, even if the two gazing at each other currently, talking about inane shite, didn't know about it yet.

Each would affect the other's life in ways they might not be aware of, but affect them they would.

Because the proof was staring unequivocally Orlando in the face as the boy turned around, climbing into the older man's Jeep and Orlando was now staring into a face that would age gracefully, who would die after having lived a very full life.

And once again, just as quickly as the new vision of the boy's future came into focus, it was gone again.

But it was enough to know.

Now, Orlando was not a rocket scientist, and he never would be as his understanding of Physics limited him to knowing just how much bungee cord he needed to jump off any given bridge, but he knew enough to know that the boy's future had just changed.

Just like that.

And the man who was currently driving the boy away in his Jeep was responsible for it.

This certainly made his life easier as he didn't feel any responsibility for the lad anymore.

As Orlando stood on the sidewalk, waving to the people in the Jeep who had no idea that he even existed, he silently wished that someday, someone would come along that he would feel that instantaneous and magnetic pull to.

And maybe, just maybe, he could perhaps change their life for the better also.

With that comforting thought in mind, Orlando turned away, a smile on his face and a bounce in his step.

He just hoped when he returned to his friends, Dommie hadn't put his foot in his mouth yet again.

He didn't fancy going to Bakersfield.

The End

And for the Orlibean people, this is Brian and Justin from Queer as Folk (US version) - Justin is the younger one:


And for the QaF people, this is Elijah, Dommie, Orlando and Billy. This is how young Orli would be in this particular ficlet:


Tags: b/j standalone, lotr rps

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