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My Christmas Wish List and fic coming and Viggo

We were extremely busy at the shop today! Joe and I had to go and help them. We ran out of a bunch of stuff.

Every year, everyone asks me what I want for Christmas and I always shrug coz I don't really think about it and when I shop, I buy stuff for everyone else first.

I never really think about what I want.

This year however, I've decided to think about me for once and I've left clues on everyone's computer.

I have to have this sweater. Green of course. I love my pea coat but this is just lovely for not-so-cold temps. :)

And since everyone makes fun of my Fidel Castro cap and my beanies (and my fedora has long since lost its shape), I found this and I must have it!

And I love this scarf. God, I can almost feel the cashmere sliding through my fingers, its softness caressing my cheek...*shivers*

They actually have Burberry scarves for kids! I mean come on! Your kid goes to school and doesn't come home with their $90 scarf?!?! That's just wrong. LOL!

And yeah, I still couldn't help myself. I found this for Rowan.

I must stay away from the computer...

On another note, tdorian got the right answer for my trivia question about what Mel said while spraying the Aqua Net ("I'm depleting the ozone. I'm an evil, ozone-depleting lesbian.") so she requested something and I'll finish writing it tonight but first we're going to go see Appaloosa coz you know, men (including Viggo) with guns. I hope I don't fall asleep during the thing even though it has men and guns and Viggo.

So yeah...
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