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An Update. :)

Hi all!

So I decided to re-register over at Midnight Whispers and I just posted chapter 1 of my Through a Mirror Darkly story. We'll see what happens.

That is, if it gets authorized. It doesn't seem to be automatic like it used to be.

Anywho, remember the other day when I said I was in between shifts at Small Fryes - you know, the day that started with me opening the shop at 10 and closing it at 9 that night?

Well, I was grill bricking the grill - if you're wondering what the hell 'grillbricking' is, it's the process by which you take a brick made of this pumice and scrape it all over the grill when it's still HOT. It's not a big deal - when the brick is its normal size of about 8 inches high - but when it's worn down to less than an inch thick and you're tired and you're wondering why in the hell you didn't start a new brick and then the sliver of brick gets stuck to the grease on the grill and your hand keeps going over the very HOT, very greasy grill...

Well you can imagine how wide my eyes got and I was screaming at Kyle to get the fuck outta the way as I raced to the sink to run cold water over my burning hand.

It was at that exact moment in time that all the answers in the universe came to me.

Fuck me if I can't remember a fucking one of them...:P


Just thinking about that night makes my hand hurt all over again. I got home and slathered my hand in aloe vera gel (which cools ANY burn down, no fucking kidding - I always have bottles of the stuff because of burns from the shop). My pinky and ring finger are still a bit red but I can put my hand in hot water again so its all good.

And yes, that's Donovan pictured in my icon.
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