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Oh my God!

Oh my God!

And no, I'm not talking about the state of my user page.

Oh my God!!!!

The Snoqualmie Casino just opened up here.

I don't think most of us here knew exactly what the implications of that meant.

The I-90 was backed up for seven miles and there were cars stuck in the mud (I think we're going to flood again) and the casino had to get tow trucks to tow cars out of the overflow parking lots.

It's opened 24 hours, 7 days a week and Jessica Simpson will be there tomorrow night in concert.

You have to understand, the biggest thing out here to see in the Snoqualmie Valley are the Falls.

But apparently, this is BIG news. This is the only casino in all of the Eastside and the Snoqualmie tribe went all out with this one, like it was an opening casino in Vegas.

We had several of the casino employees run into the shop tonight dripping wet saying 'thank God we were open!' (The casino itself is located about 10 minutes away from the shop so it's not like it's right next door, but it's in the general area).

I guess our nights won't be so quiet anymore. :) (In case you hadn't noticed, that's a huge smile on my face).

But I wonder how much change (not so much business-wise because I think I'm getting that it's a good thing on that front) it will mean for our standing in the greater Seattle area. We have always been known as the 'place that's farthest east before you get to total wilderness.' In fact, the little suburb that's located just to the east of us is called 'Wilderness Rim" which we all call 'the rim.' (Yeah, I know, I'm always making jokes about that).

I seriously don't think we had any idea. The site they were building the casino on used to be this heavily forested area. No one really noticed the construction going on because it was out of the way. But this is BIG. This should be interesting. LOL!
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