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A question for those who read my fic and Lotr and Potc caps

The flooding here in Washington state is over. Thank Fuck for that! Whew! Our road didn't flood this time but school was closed for three days because 3 of the schools in the district were surrounded by flooded roads and those 3 schools account for over 40 percent of the district (one of them being the high school that serves the whole valley).

So the kids were stuck inside and Rowan decided to get into a movie watching marathon.

Guess what she picked?

She decided (remember, she's 7) since Griffon played the Lord of the Rings PS2 game at night, and she liked it, she wanted to see all THREE movies. That's count em, TWELVE hours of my favorite guys.

TWELVE hours.

When I asked Rowan what she liked about the movies, she said, 'I like the elves and Frodo's house and the hobbits and Arwen and Legolas.'

Well, of course she did, she's my little girl.

She said Legolas is a princess. :P

Well, he is! (*winces*)

But not like a princess. It's just the hair...

Of course, Griffon came to the elf's defense by saying that Legolas was way cool. He then proceeded to tell me how our fair haired prince of Mirkwood brought down the troll himself and the oliphant and single-handedly killed like a 1000 orcs.

I guess there's a bit of OrlandoLegolas worship going on in our house. LOL!

I watched them with them and I have to say one thing. I so love these movies (and not just because of the eye candy) but because anyone who would take on filming the books had to be creative and dedicated. It was such an ambitious thing to take on and Peter Jackson did such a wondrous job.

Here are some screen caps of the movie (taken from the OB Files site):


Our lovely elf at Elrond's council, where he vehemently stood up for Aragorn to Boromir and basically told the man from Gondor that he should bow down before Aragorn and swear his allegiance.

Put a whip and some long black patent leather boots on the elf and you have a fine dominatrix. :)


And here's Legolas telling Eomer (at gunarrow point) he'll skewer anyone who touches his man or dwarf. :P


Legolas taking down that nasty oliphant. Griffon is correct - waaay cool. :)


And here's the end of the Return of the King where Legolas meets up with the new king Aragorn. Of course what we don't hear is ViggoAragorn telling Orlithe elf to help him ditch Arwen because he has some lovely toys he wants to show him down in the dungeon. :P

And then if that wasn't enough, Rowan decided that when the Lord of the Rings marathon was over, she would start in on a pirate marathon. :P

She loved everything about the movies because it was fun but she did mention how cute Will Turner was.

I guess it's the sort of thing that runs in the blood.

But then look:

How can you not?!?!


From the Curse of the Black Pearl. God! I love his facial expressions!

And from Dead Man's Chest:


I know there are people who didn't like the second movie, but come on! What's not to like?!?

You had Will almost being eaten! And Will being flogged. And you had the krakken (I have a bit of a vore fetish if you couldn't tell). And Will in boots! (It sounds like a strange parody of the Grimm classic Puss n Boots).

And Will in various stages on being tied up or in shackles...


Where was I?

One last thing.

I wrote a story. It's dark.

Yeah, I know, what that I write isn't?

But it has a dark religious theme and I'm not sure how it'll be received. Should I just post it unlocked, and not worry about what anyone says, you know, my skin is pretty thick as it is, or should I post it locked so people won't be offended by it.

And I don't care if you read my Orlibean or just my Qaf fic. I want to know what you think regardless.

It's an Orlibean. It's even darker, at least IMO, than the one about them being sociopathic murderers doing hard time.

I know, I'm a sick puppy.
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