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Queer as Folk standalone "The World You KNow"

So yeah, a BJ story...from me!!!!

Inspiration just hit and I decided to come back to the world of writing. I'm entering in baby steps.

Title: The World You Know
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: PG-13 for one swear word
Summary: Brian dreams.
Spoilers: The very first episode. This would be considered a gapfiller for right before Brian wakes up their first morning together.

Disclaimer: I am not Cowlip so I don't own this show. I am also not the Pillsbury Doughboy so...stop poking me in the tummy.

Note: I got this idea when Joe was waxing poetic on me (you know...pillow talk).

All Brian could see was gray.

Gray walls.

Gray floors.

Gray people.

Gray everywhere.

Babylon had never looked so awash in the colorless shade. The jumping, dancing bodies had blended into the background, merging together as the lack of color and brightness made them seem one gyrating mass of pulsing energy.

Emmett and Ted were there, moving their mouths to imitate speaking. Despite that, their mute discourse seemed to echo off the walls.

And Michael.

Michael was there.

There was a tinge of color to him, a blush around the face. Not enough for most people to notice. It reminded Brian of a black and white photo he had stained at work with pink, to give the one object in the background some life.

His best friend was nothing more than a stain in the background in this gray cast world he found himself walking through.

As he passed through a hallway, he saw Anita. She was stirring the water in a claw-foot tub with her hands.

"Come on in. The water is perfect," he smiled.

"Yeah right."

When Brian walked through a door, he stepped into his office. Everyone around him wore the same somber tones, their normally vibrant, happy faces now covered in masks made of clay. Catching a glimpse of himself in one of the many mirrors, he noticed the same mask on his own countenance.

Slipping the mask off, Brian had to wonder which was the true visage he stared back at in the mirror.

Shrugging that thought off, he knew he had to keep moving. There were more doors to walk through and the air was getting stale here. He found the air hard to breathe, yet for some strange reason, he was able to tolerate it.

Opening another door, he found himself in the diner. The same ashen colors, the same people. They wore no masks, yet their faces still held the same lost look.

At least the ones that actually had faces.

"We're all lost," one of the faceless diners droned.

"I know where we are," Brian replied.

"Do you?" another diner replied and walked off.

Each door Brian walked through was the same.



His parent's home.

All the same.



So very alike in their autonomous color, their suffocating atmosphere. their coldness.

All lacking life.

And he came to one more door - a big, solid, metal sliding door.


Sliding back the entryway, he realized it was not the loft he was stepping into. It was too bright.

Brian walked passed the threshold of his door into the most blinding light and his world was awash with color again.

This was what being alive felt like.

He found himself breathing in deeply as the air smelled fresh and clean and....sweet.

And warm!

It was so warm. He allowed the warmth to embrace him. It felt inviting as the heat touched his skin, cocooning him in it's lulling presence.

It felt right.

It also felt real.

It was then that Brian found himself waking up in the arms of another man.

Looking at the youthful face before him, he had to revise that last comment. God, how old did the kid say he was again?

And just like that, Brian, as if he had still been in the dream, had of his own accord, left the bright, light-filled room, full of its colors and incredible warmth and walked back into his gray world, wincing slightly when the large metal door slid shut behind him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Brian mumbled.

"You said...I could stay," Justin replied, slightly confused.

"Oh right...your parents," Brian scoffed.

Brian knew the kid's name. But it didn't matter.

And with that, Brian adjusted his mask back into place and slid back into the world he knew. The one that, although not as warm or as bright, was still the world he knew.

After all, his skin burned too easily.


What was it Joe had said to me to inspire this? He said that all his life, everyone was gray until he met me. Then it glowed.

And then I popped up and said, 'Oooh! I've got an idea for a Brian/Justin story!'

I know. I know how to kill a mood. But hey! At least Joe didn't mind getting a sunburn and I know 5 kids who are really happy about that. :)

And feedback as usual, is welcome.

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