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Brian Kinney/Spike/Angelus standalone "Those Darn Pesky Souls"

Title: Those Darn Pesky Souls
Pairing: Spike/Angelus/Brian Kinney; mention of Brian/Justin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bloodplay, drunken Brian
Summary: Spike and Angel lose their souls. They head to Pittsburgh and Babylon where they meat a sloshed and brooding Brian.
Timeline: post Angel Season 5 and post-513 Queer as Folk

Disclaimer: I don't own Cowlip. I don't own Joss Whedon. Firefly and Angel would still be on if I did.

Fore brianswalk who requested some Spike/Angelus/Brian luvin - sans souls. :)

"So what's the deal Buffster."

"Please tell me you did not just call me that," Buffy whined while confronting Xander.

Xander shook his head from side to side with his typical 'Sorry-Mistress-I'll-never-do-that-again' look. "So what's got your oh so cute and perky nose in a twist," he finished with a lopsided smile.

"Angel lost his soul again," the young slayer sighed. "We have to go and stop him from partying too hard while Giles' Charmin friend here..."

"Shaman," Giles corrected wearily.

"Put's his soul back in. Should be cool," Buffy finished with a bouncy grin.

"This is how many times Angel's lost that pesky soul of his now? You think maybe we can get him to wear one of those little devices like they put on airplane bathrooms. Green for 'soul' and red for 'no soul. - stay the hell away,'" Xander said while waving his hands in the air back and forth.

"Yes, well, I'll get right on that," Giles lamented. "For now, we know where Angel...I mean Angelus is headed so thankfully we'll be one step ahead."

"And how do you know that. Did you lojack the guy?" Xander asked.

"We got a call," Buffy cut in. "Don't ask."

"So where is Big, Tall, I'm-going-to-send-everyone-to-hell-via-a-big-ugly-statue today?"


"Hold on...," Xander started, a confused look on his face.

"Yes," Giles groaned heavily yet again.

"The guy loses his soul and heads to Pittsburgh?!" Xander exclaimed incredulously. "You sure he didn't lose his brain too?"

"Oh! And there's more of the happy and fluffy," Buffy said with false cheer. "Spike lost his soul too and he's with him."

"Oh now that's just not fair. Spike worked real hard to get his shiny, new soul," Xander mock pouted.

With a final roll of her eyes, Buffy muttered a quick "let's go," as she hefted her battle axe and headed out the door. They couldn't beat Spike and Angelus to their destination, but they could get there in enough time to stop any major damage.

Give or take a few innocent bystanders.

"You know, I really should stake you Peaches," Spike pouted as he stood against the bar in Babylon. "Bloody Pittsburgh...I mean...Chicago, New York, or hell Angelus," the younger vampire exclaimed while ticking off on his fingers, "we have a bloody jet! We could have gone to London...our old stomping grounds, but Pittsburgh?! That's the last time I let you use the soddin darts to pick our next feedin' ground."

"Yeah, but look at all the salty goodness," Angelus growled as he surveyed the dance floor with all its bodies gyrating to the steady thumping of the music.

"Please don't dance. I think I'll bloody well stake meself if you start dancing. You know, you looked much better in those leather pants back when Buffy was in high school. I think you should stay away from the pig's blood. Too fatty," Spike finished with a self satisfied smirk while he kept that invisible tally score in his head. Score one for Spike.

Angelus immediately stopped in his perusal of the jumping, dancing buffet and looked around at his bottom. "Do these pants make me look fat?"

"Don't worry. They'll be too busy looking at your poncy hair." And score two for Spike.

The older vampire's hand quickly shot to the top of his head and frowned. "What's wrong with my hair?"

"Makes you wish we could look in a soddin mirror, don't it?"

Dismissing Spike, Angelus looked over to the end of the bar with a leer. "Oooh, now he looks promising."

"Oh him? That's Brian Kinney...the bloke that owns the place. He is a pretty one. Seems a bit down though," Spike frowned as he looked at the brooding man.

Spike knew that look all too well. It was the same look he himself had worn after Buffy had been lost that summer.

And not to mention the same one he had worn when the family lost Angelus over a hundred years before when he was cursed with his soul.

Kinney had that same look. Word around the nightclub was that the man had just put his boyfriend on a plane to New York.

"I don't know Peaches."

"Would you stop calling me that," Angelus grunted. "I'm not that pussy Angel."

"Got that right. The Poufter would've checked his hair before he left..."

"Enough about my hair! Now this Kinney..."

"Okay, I'll go chat him up. You stay here."

"We'll both go," Angeles smiled, leaving no room for further argument.

"Or we could both go. You being so charming and suave and," Spike continued as he watched Angelus walk away, "right."

Following his Sire, he walked over to the owner of the club, watching as Angelus approached the man.

"Care for a drink?"

Brian whipped around when he heard the low, ominous voice of someone asking him if he wanted a drink. He wasn't really interested.

He was already sloshed as it was.

That was why he didn't want the drink - or the company for that matter.

It had nothing whatsoever to do with him missing a certain blond haired, blue-eyed artist or as the nickname came to be around Babylon, the artist formerly known as Mr. Justin Kinney.

Which Brian thought was stupid since he never really married Justin to begin with.

"Stupid nickname," Brian muttered into his fifth glass of Beam.

"No, I don't wanna 'nother drink. Go bother shumone else," Brian slurred when he turned to the man who had spoken. Looking at the two men before him - one a rather large angry looking caveman (the only word Brian could come up with to describe the fellow) with a pronounced forehead and a silk shirt and the other a smaller, leather coat wearing blond (which Brian refused to note also had a striking pair of blue eyes) - the inebriated man furrowed his brow. "Now I know I haven't seen you two...or three around. I can't tell," Brian squinted, "I think I see two of the blond."

Brian turned back to his drink.

Angelus, not liking being put off, grabbed the drunk Kinney and spun him around to face him while snarling in his face, "that wasn't very nice."

Brian stepped back and looked over at the blond, which upon closer inspection realized was a bottle-blond. Who the hell dyed their hair that color anymore? "Hey, Billy Idol, can you tell your lapdog to back off!"

Angelus put his hand around Brian's throat and lifted him roughly two feet off the ground. "And that was stupid," the older vampire bellowed.

"I met Billy. Nice guy. He copied his look off me and you shouldn't a called Peaches that," Spike said nonchalantly.

"I am not his lapdopg," Angelus barked.

"Sorry. My mistake Peaches," Brian squeaked out, his airway still being constricted.

"And my name isn't Peaches!" Angelus roared. "Your ass is ours tonight boy."

Despite the fact that the two men were most definitely hot, and, more importantly, most assuredly very dangerous, Brian couldn't help but ground out, "my ass belongs to no one."

A rapidly oxygen-deprived Brian had almost added out loud, "except for Justin."

"Who's Justin?" the blond asked.

Okay, so he had said that out loud. He was quickly losing it. And when the large man set Brian back on the ground, he started to lose it even more when he noticed his eyes start to turn yellow and bumpy ridges had started to form on his forehead. This was probably a good time for Brian to keep his mouth shut.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you that if you make faces, it'll freeze that way?" a swaying Brian sneered.

Brian was not always good about listening to his own advice.

"Backroom. Now," Angelus snarled as he pushed Brian through the nightclub.

"Oh, great. Now he's down to one word sentences," Spike said with a roll of his eyes. "This won't bloody bode well."

Pushing Brian against the wall face first, Angelus started to unbutton the man's jeans.

"Hold on! Hold on!" Brian started calling out. He really never took it up the ass but this guy was serious.

And pretty fucking strong.

And weird.

Weird and pretty fucking strong was not a combination he could easily handle. Especially as drunk as he currently was.

"Angelus! Hold on a tick!" Spike demanded and then plucked Brian off the wall and faced the man toward him. "'S okay luv." And with that, Spike started to kiss Brian full on the lips, hoping it would distract Brian enough so that Angelus could have his fun.

Once the lips of the blond had touched Brian's, he could feel a sudden chill. It was so different from the warmth of Justin's kiss. And there was an underlying smell there of whiskey and cigarettes and something else. Something he hadn't tasted ever.

And just like the kiss, Brian shuddered when the body of the black clad man had come into contact with his.

He was so cold.

It reminded Brian of a time when he was in college and he had a cold. His whole body was racked with the chills. When he had stepped out into the cold night air, his body had become numb and he couldn't seem to warm it up for anything.

It was like that now. His body had already been cold. It had been cold ever since he let Justin get on that damn plane. And now with this man's body next to his, the chill was intensified to the power of ten.

He didn't think he could ever be warm again.

And that feeling, that dread, coiled in the pit of his stomach.

Staring into the blond's eyes, he was all too aware of the cold rush of air on his backside as his pants were slowly tugged down his narrow hips.

"Um...lube," Brian muttered in between Spike - that was his name - kissing him.

"I always thought blood made a great lube," the man behind him grunted.

"Huh?" Brian managed to get out of the foggy haze that was his mind. No! The man didn't plan on just entering him...

But before he could finish that thought, he took a sharp intake of breath in as he felt something bite him on his ass.


Then Brian started to lose all thought processes as he enjoyed the combined sensation of Spike kissing him and licking his neck while fondling his rigid member and Angelus stretching him with his fingers.

One finger, two fingers, three. And right there...

"Oh that's it luv!" Spike smiled as he drank in Brian's increased moans.

He was pushed into Spike as Angelus quickly entered him, the blond trapped against the wall as Brian was continually pounded into him with each and every one of the older vampire's thrusts.

Had he thought the cold had been intensified when Spike kissed him, it was one-hundred-fold now as it entered his very core.

It wouldn't be too long now before it reached his heart.

With a loud roar, that no doubt not only everyone in Babylon could have heard but everyone on Liberty Avenue too, Angelus came while latched onto the side of Brian's neck, biting and drinking in his fill.

Brian hadn't registered that he was currently being feasted on or the commotion that was coming from the backroom hallways as he too was quite busy cumming loudly.

Cold or not, the combination of pleasure and pain that he had just experienced was enough to drive any man over the edge.

Before Angelus could pull out, all three turned as one as they heard a very pissed off voice.

"I should so stake you for making me come to Pittsburgh. Now!" Buffy yelled and then Giles and the Shaman were in front of the slayer as they both read off an incantation in latin and a bright light infused the room.

Brian, somewhat drained from Angelus' impromptu feeding, staggered back as the large man pulled out quickly and collapsed to the ground. He watched as a similar fate beset Spike.

"Um, who's the chick?" Brian asked as he looked at the small girl who was holding a large axe. "You're not one of those Christian activists, are you?"

"No, I'm more of a Free Vampire Activist. I like to free the world of vampires, one staking at a time. Unless that is...they have a soul...and I sleep with them," Buffy finished as she looked in the direction of the two vampires that will always hold a special place in her heart. She smiled as she heard Spike mutter, "oh me bloody head. I hate it when you first get your soul back."

"Yeah, well, it gets easier and easier every time," Angel groaned as he stood up. "Oh please tell me I didn't kill..."

"'S okay Peaches. You're okay," Spike quickly added.

"I for one am kind of sick of this whole Angel losing his soul thing. Could we staple it to him this time or something?" Xander cut in. "Hey, one thing I don't get. Who was the one that called you?" Xander asked Buffy who was already on the floor next to Spike trying to comfort him.

"Spike," Buffy said simply.

"But wait. I thought Spike lost his soul too?"

"He did," Buffy smiled as she stroked the sharp cheekbone of her former lover. "Soul or not, he's still Spike."

"Okay! Souls? You put their souls back in them? Who the fuck are you people? And vampires? What the...?" Brian sputtered out, his sobriety quickly coming upon him.

"Okay," Buffy said as she stood up. "Me. Slayer. They. Vampires. Good with soul. Bad," she said with an exaggerated frown, "without soul. You," she said as she pointed to Brian, "very lucky mortal. There."

"Well, any scenario where I don't have to use the flashcards is a good one in my book," Giles affirmed. "Larry? Would you like to go for some coffee somewhere? I saw a diner just down the street."

"Larry? Your Shaman's name is Larry?" Xander asked as he quickly followed Giles and his friend out of the hallway.

Brian watched as the girl named Buffy - and who the hell named their kid that - helped both of the vampires up off the ground.

"So, vampires are real?" Brian asked incredulously.

Just then, Spike turned to Brian in full game face. Then just as quickly, he turned back. "Don't worry. There is no such thing as stupid questions, just scary answers."

"But...why have I never seen one?" Brian asked.

"Have you lived here all your life?" Angel asked.


"Vampires can be found in most metropolitan areas, like Los Angeles, New York..."

"New York?" Brian asked quickly.

"Yeah. Oh, and if you live over a Hellmouth," Buffy added. "But there are only two. One was in Sunnydale but Spike nuked that. There's one in Cleveland too. Even vampires have enough taste to stay away from Pittsburgh."

Brian had so many other questions as he watched the two vampires walk out with the small woman, but he had other things on his mind. Before he could address those things, Angel turned around to confront Brian.

"Look...about what happened back there..."

"It's okay. You won't call me. You don't need to write. Seriously, if you knew who I am," Brian started and then stopped to chuckle, "if you knew who I was...never mind."

Brian observed the trio make their way out of the club as he took to the catwalk and made his way to his office. Picking up the phone, he made a long overdue call to Justin.

He would use the excuse that New York was obviously not safe. Sure Justin would yell at him, tell him he was full of shit. But in the end, he would hear everything Brian was telling him between the lines.

Because Justin knew how to speak Brian Kinney.

Brian didn't understand much about the bright white light that hit him when Spike and Angel got their souls back, nor did he understand the latin that was being recited, but he knew enough to know what that feeling of cold was before Spike touched him.

Spike and Angel got their souls back tonight.

Brian placed a call to New York.

Tonight, with any luck, he would get his soul back too.


As usual, I love feedback. Would this fic be okay on the bjfic comm on lj? I know it's Spike/Angel/Brian but Justin does figure heavily into it.

And here are some pics of the Buffy gang:

This is Giles:


And Xander (with the eye-patch as he would have it in this fic):


And this pic of Buffy and Angel is just so darn cute:


Here is a promo pic from Angel Season 5 of Spike and Angel:


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