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"Justin's Baby" Chapter 7a - Prelude to the Non-date with Justin

I want to wish shadownyc and bluemchenkaffee a belated happy birthday!!!! *hugs you both* *spanks you* *blushes*

I'm still working on the non-date part but here is the prelude to the date with our two favorite people, Brian and Joe:

Title: Justin's Baby
Chapter 7a
Pairing: Justin/Brian
Genre: Bad!fic, crack!fic - I dunno - take your pic - I don't really give a shit.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: God, where do I even begin? Sacrilege, demon worship, mPreg, bad language, drugged sex, bad!fic, crack!fic and mentions of the high cost of housing.
Summary: Based very loosely on Rosemary's Baby. Justin gets more than he bargained for when he moves into the apartment of his dreams.

Disclaimers: Don't own Cowlip or the boys but I am going to the speshul hell for the blasphemy in this short chapter. I'll save you all a seat. :)

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Thanks go to fiercediva for the icon and poster. Thank you babe! *smooches*

Chapter 1 - Justin follows a lead
Chapter 2 - Justin Moves In
Chapter 3 - Justin Meets Brian
Chapter 4 - Justin Gets Ready to Eat Dinner
Chapter 5 - Justin Gets a Heavy Dose of the Folks
Chapter 6 - Justin goes to work

"What's with the clothes lying all around boss?"

"I hate when you call me that Joe," Brian said as he once again took another shirt to try on in front of the mirror. Preening for one scant second, he discarded the shirt, one of many, on the large bed behind him.

"Sorry, Brian, but it looks like your closet decided it was full and puked most of your shirts back out onto the floor."

"Lovely visual," Brian smirked as he yet again tried another shirt, this one black with small red flowers scattered about. "What do you think?"

"You want my honest opinion, right?" Joe asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Why am I asking a person who thinks bowling shirts were the biggest fashion breakthrough since tube socks?"

Rolling his eyes, Joe started going through the shirts hanging in Brian's closet. "Anywho, what's with all the, you know, paying attention to what you're wearing?"

"I always do."

"Oh this isn't your 'Am I too fat' stage again, is it? Cause seriously, I can't see the three pounds you gained from eating that whole box of chocolate eclairs two weeks ago."

Brian looked aghast in the mirror. "I didn't gain three pounds. Do I look like I gained three pounds?" he pouted as he turned around looking at his profile.

"No, but made you look," Joe smiled. "Is this about the date..."

"Non-date," Brian corrected.

"Non-date with the blond?"


"Well, well, well...never thought I'd see this day..."

"Don't go there Joe," Brian warned as he stopped preening to gaze directly at his long time friend. "This is very important."

"What? You gonna propose to the kid?"

"I could rip your intestines out while you watched and then pour salt water into the open wound for saying that," Brian growled.

"No thanks, I've been married."

"You know, I'm still mad at you."

"Jesus!" Joe looked properly chagrined as he saw the scowl form on Brian's face at the mere utterance of the expletive. "Sorry. But seriously, you still holding a grudge over that? That was over two thousand years ago man. Get over it!"

"I still blame Christianity on you."

"It was a mistake."

"Spilling coffee on my new Prada shoes was a mistake. Showing me the merits of a mosh pit was a mistake. I told you to watch his tomb. But oh no. You had to get it on with Mary Magdalene..."

"Hey, I didn't think Jesus was gonna do a Dawn of the Dead like he did, and Mary needed comforting," Joe pouted. "Here, try this one," he said as he passed Brian a dark burgundy silk shirt.

"Hmmm, nice," Brian smiled as he looked in the mirror and smoothed the fabric over his chest.

Joe looked in the mirror alongside Brian. "It says, 'Seductive, yet sincere.' Like ya know, 'I'll at least stop the car before I throw you out of it.'"

"Ah, Joe, what would I ever have done without you all these years," Brian sighed.

"I don't know. But without me, the Inquisition wouldn't have been nearly as much fun..."

TBC in the second part that you all have been waiting for

And I love fb if anyone is still reading this...

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