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Day 6 - B/J standalone - "What all good flea-bag hotels are good for"

Here is the sixth day of the Brian/Justin "Where should we fuck next?" series.

The prompt is 'good vibrations' by duffy_60.

I will get back to all feedback today. I'm just a bit worn out by graduation festivities and the shop. *sighs*

Title: What all good flea-bag hotels are good for
Day 6 in the Brian/Justin 'Where should we fuck next?' series. This takes place right after the backroom has been closed by Stockwell in Season 3.
Prompts: 'chest hair,' 'swimming pool'
Warnings: none
Summary: Justin and Brian have to come up with a new place to have sex publicly every day during Stockwell's reign of terror.

Disclaimer: I down own the boys or Cowlip. There are no cannibals in this vignette.

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"This place is a dump!" Justin giggled drunkenly as he stumbled into the run down hotel room first.

"Yeah, well, what do you expect for a room they rent out by the hour?" Brian drawled as he tripped in behind Justin.

"This is where you wanna fuck tonight?" Justin laughed.

"What's wrong with it?" Brian pouted as he sank down onto the bed, sinking further into the middle. He bounced up and down, watching as the water bed rippled right along with the tacky bedspread. "Come on in...the water's great," Brian smiled.

"God, I feel like I'm in a 70's porno movie," the young man scoffed as he perched himself on the bed.

"You are," Brian growled as he nipped at Justin's ear. The young man threw himself backward, causing both men to roll toward the middle where they crashed into each other.

"This could be challenging," Justin snickered.

"Well it woulda been better if you weren't so drunk," Brian slurred.

Trying to get out from the middle, Justin grabbed onto the side of the bed and pulled. It was a futile attempt as he was pulled back into Brian's space.

"See? Piss. Down. Drunk." Brian punctuated each word with a tap on Justin's nose.

Laying back, Justin rubbed at his nose while wrinkling it in disgust. "This room smells funny. It's just like the place where Ethan and I lived." He breathed out, the expelled air causing his bangs to blow off his head.

There was still a small part of Brian that felt a pang of guilt whenever he thought about how he had treated Justin that time around his birthday and after, how he had made him feel so worthless that he would give up living the life he had grown accustomed to and actually preferred living in squalor with the fiddler.

But he had Justin now and all was forgiven.


Had Ethan not fucked up the way he had, Justin wouldn't have come to his senses, and he would still be living there...

Quickly jumping up from the rocking bed, Brian started to bounce on the unstable surface.

"Brian! No! I'm gonna throw up!" a green-looking Justin bellowed.

Taking the stance of a surfer, Brian started to wave his hips back and forth while putting his arms out as if balancing on a board. In a high pitched voice, he started to sing, off-key of course, "Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world..."

Justin made another nose-scrunching face. "What the...?"

"The Beach Boys, Sunshine," Brian smiled.

"Never heard of them," Justin said, while covering his mouth, his whole body moving with each wave Brian was creating. "Do they actually sound like that?"

"Did it sound like Mel had grabbed me by the balls and pulled really hard?" Brian asked innocently.


"Than that's them."

"Please Brian," Justin moaned as he clutched onto his stomach.

"Sorry," Brian said sheepishly as he dropped down next to his lover. In doing so, a huge wave was created and bounced Justin clear off the bed. A loud thump could be heard as Justin hit the floor.

"Oh! That's it! I don't care if we do it in this hotel! In fact, we could do it in the ice machine for all I care! But I am not going back on that evil bed!" Justin yelled as he stormed toward the door. "Are you coming?"

"I plan to," Brian smirked.

15 minutes later...

" water bed here," Brian grinned as he cast a side-long glance at his lover.

"Just a vibrating bed," Justin chuckled.

Putting some quarters into the slot, both men watched as the bed practically jumped from its spot on the floor while banging against the wall.

"It's like...cheating...making all the noise and doing all the banging for us," Brian watched as the possessed bed continued to jump and shake.

"We'll wait until its done," Justin exhaled, his arms crossed upon his chest.

Both men continued to watch the bed as it went about its dance.

"I don't think this is a normal bed Brian," Justin said while shaking his head, wondering when the damn thing would stop. When the thing finally did stop, he walked over to the bed and looked at the little box on the side. "It's called 'Good Vibrations.'"

Snickering, Brian wondered whether he should start singing the Beach Boys song.

He decided he wanted to fuck Justin instead.

Quickly stepping behind Justin, Brian wrapped both arms around the young man and lowered his mouth to his ear and whispered, "I'm gonna fuck you. I'm gonna fuck you all. Night. Long."

He wasn't a praying man, but he had to silently thank whatever thing it was that made it so there were groupies who liked to be fucked by violinists and that said violinists couldn't pass up the opportunity to fuck said groupies when handed to them.


Okay, not as funny as the others, but they can't all be that way. :P I actually have lots of stories figured out, like the first 5, I just need to get some more rest.

And I'm still a little worn out from all the graduation festivities.

I will get back to all feedback later today. Promise. :)

Tags: b/j where will they fuck next series, day 6

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